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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Naisu (Pariyanart C.)
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi. I'm Naisu. I make colorful surreal illustrations of characters, flowers, imaginary stories and places.

Fantasy Oriental Bridge

The Yellow Tea House

Emma (2020)

Dandies Trying on New Clothes

Mister and His Flower Plane

The Happy Atelier

The Dream Travel

The Lonely Little House in a Drought

One of a scene design for Summer Storm music video animation. Inside the house lives the female lead, waiting for her love and the rain to come.

The Happy Interior (Key Visual)

The Happy Interior (Actual Scene)


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Pariyanart Chiratthitikarn or Naisu is an artist and illustrator based in Bangkok. Her works gravitate towards expressive quality and storytelling elements. After experimenting with the craft for about five years, her latest works have formed a distinctive style with strong, vibrant colors, imaginative and lively characters with surreal elements, eclectic details with Eastern and Western mix of visual influences and strong presence of flowers. Pariyanart has an ongoing side project with a stripped-off identify in the name of Naisu.Chirat, using manga-style drawings and water-based mediums to explore her personal reflection on gender, sexuality and self.

The Blue Flower Portrait

The Red Flower Portrait

The Button Magic

Homu Dessert

An artwork of the new Warabi Mochi for Homu Dessert, a Japanese local shop in Charoen Krung.

The Sad Interior

Design for Summer Storm Music Video, a story about a sad place turning into a lighter, happy place because of a colorful romance. This is a key illustration used in the beginning of a song.

Duen's Flowerhead

Design for Summer Storm Music Video, a scene where the artist/singer is present. Duen Chongmankong is presented as a surreal flower meanwhile the actor & actress of the video are flying around her in butterfly wings.

Dali's Runny Nose

Design for Summer Storm Music Video, a scene where it is about to rain. The sky has a face and it is telling the audience that it is sick and the rain is coming. I made it a face of Sulvador Dali.

A day: Sounds of Phadung Krung Kasem Canal

The project present actual places in Thailand with colorful illustration and motion/sound. This one is a bridge in Phadung Krung Kasem Canal. See the project here:

A day: Sounds of Communist Field

This one is a tall brown grass field in Isaan. The brown grass and the dry, hot feeling is a familiar sight to anyone on a ride outside Bangkok. See the project here:

A day: Sounds of San Pa Kia

This one is a beautiful place in Chiang Mai with Phaya Suer Krong trees with pick blossoms. See the project here:

Almond Blossom Pattern Design

Camillia Pattern Design

Bar Review Illustration: The Lover

An editorial illustration about the atmosphere and the conversation taking place in a bar near Yaowarat. This one is a couple chilling near a pretty green lamp.

Bar Review Illustration: The Floating Shark

This one is the iconic floating shark decoration in the bar.

Bar Review Illustration: The Friends

This is me and my friend sitting in the corner table. An ordinary moment of two millennial women doing our things.


The side project I do in a name of Naisu.Chirat. I use traditional, water-based media and I intend to be as raw as possible.


soft humor

the devilhand 01




i adore you so i ignore you


I made this graphite work in the time when I was unable to sleep in normal hours. It carries a lot of mysterious meanings to me.

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