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COUNTRY: Thailand
I'm Gitgo I'm a freelance illustrator who loves to draw isometric style
I intend to make my work interlocking endlessly. :))


Imagine if a real mermaid do a part-time job at Aquarium and her lover Aquaman Come to encourage her

Little Garden

Inspiration from me if I'm at the end of the life I want to live with my pet at my lovely place

Rooftop Pool

Pool party for everyone on the weekend at Their rooftop


An office worker who every tire after work and want to sleep under the sunset in her bedroom


good mood with a Great Breakfast in the morning


I want to draw some teenagers dormitory and mix them with the 90s elements, relax mood tone


Inspiration from Jurassic world They camping with the dinosaur in the forest

Ice cream factory

I Imagine how factory creating a lot of ice cream

Secret base

Inspiration from my memory when I was a kid I like to play with my sis We always create castle from our blankets and carton box but now I'm too old to play like that.

Chrismas eve

A Little girl who really excited to see a Santa in the Christmas eve


More Artwork/Merchandise: is the brand I made it by myself. Mostly, my products are posters, postcards, stickers drawn by my interests. I intend to make my work one that can deliver a good mood to everyone who buys it :)

Neon Diner

I imagine what it would be like. If astronauts have a place to sit and relax during space operations.

Witch House

What if the house you're going to trick or treat on Halloween is the home of a witch taking a break from her work?

Jane Bathroom

I make this pic for my best friend jane She is the one who really loves the flower pattern and like this color palette so much so I keep this concept to make this room


I took this picture to celebrate that I was able to paint 10 rooms by opening activity for my followers. Give me 20 things and let me create them.


The routine of the condo people That is coming to order laundry at the laundry shop under the condo


Minimart shop under the condo


Barbershop under the condo Now students are coming to cut their hair in preparation for the start of the semester this year.

Living Room

Movie night on Halloween, the ghost also wants to join the movie.

Another Side

Inspired by the movie upside down is a story of love that arises from two sides of different dimensions.

Room series no.1

It is a picture that is caused by combining all 10 rooms together, thus creating this picture

Friday cover


It is a story about the day of having to go back home from the dormitory every Friday.

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ชอบงานมากเลยครับ เพลินตา เพลินใจสุดๆ ครับผม แฮ่..

The Archivist


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