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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Sa-ard
COUNTRY: Thailand
Sa-ard ​​is ​​a ​​Thai ​​comic ​​artist. ​​His ​​works ​​include ​​several ​​types ​​of ​​comics ​​such ​​as comic ​​strips, ​​series, ​​short​​ stories​ ​and ​​documentaries. ​​Sa-ard​​ is ​​interested ​​in ​​various ​​ social topics​ ​of ​​which ​​he ​​desires ​​to ​​manipulate ​​his​ ​comics ​​for ​​the ​​better ​​society.

Welcome to the jungle

Godzilla is coming to town

Amazing India

Black cat in Barcelona

Giraffe wave

Trans-Siberian tiger

The man who travels to find his own voice.

Pakchong mountain

Switch Panda

Duckmocracy monument


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Welcome to the Jungle

Godzilla is Coming to Town

Amazing India

Black Cat in Barcelona

Giraffe Wave

Trans-Siberian Tiger

The Man who Travels to Find His Own Voice.

Pakchong Mountain

Duckmocracy Monument

Switch Panda Character Design

Switch Panda Blind Box Project

A toy project from Switch Panda. The toys can switch their heads to each other. Produced by Kai3 studio and LAMPTOYS company.

The Old Boxer

A motion comic for a live concert of Thai rock band named 'Bodyslam'.

The Education of a Dreaming Can

The Education of a Dreaming Can is a comic book, which tells the story of a canned kid who dreams to become a cartoonist. He has to go through the system with sweat and tears. But yet, he has grown up and gained a lot of precious life lessons along the way.

Published by The Beetle publishing house.

Into the Wood Song

An original artwork from 'The Man who Travels to Find His Own Voice', a comic book which won a silver award from 5th International MANGA Awards. Published by Let's comic and Kai3 publishing house.

The Jengpeng Family

The Jengpeng Family is a gag comic strips series. The story is about slice of life of a Thai family. It now has 3 volumes of comic book, Published by Kai3 publishing house.

Land of Sneers

An artwork for a comic book 'Land of sneers'. Published by Let's comic publishing house.