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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello, my name’s Nadee. I’m currently working as the head of the design and production department at Platform Integrated Agency ( a small online agency in BKK). I graduated with my MFA Degree, Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art 3 years ago. Back then, my illustration works always have a starting point from something simple. For example, everyday objects or stories that I’ve been through, things that I love, or even my childhood memories. I believe that an ordinary thing always has something special hiding inside.
With the core concept “see the things from my own imagination in the different perspective, I started ‘the ordinary daydreams project’, Inspired by everyday objects that contain nostalgic feelings and memories of my childhood, this project aims to re-interpret objects surrounding me in a new way by blending the real world with my own imagination.

I hope my works might interest you somehow. Please don’t be hesitate to contact me back. I’m really willing and look forward to having an opportunity to be apart of the Bangkok illustration fair and to help push Thai’s illustration society forward.

Best Wishes

Ordinary Nadee
Designer/Illustrator/Giphy Artist

Hello from the inside

Hello, I choose this gif for welcoming you to join and indulge yourselves for a while in my extraordinary ordinary daydreams.

My Lucky Gold Fish

This is the Gif that gone viral on my Tumblr account on that day (Tumblr Radar). Also, I got an email from Giphy offer me the Artist Giphy Profile from this Gif.

Love Container

A couple in a jar, a romantic gif for Two.

ECA Hunter Building

This Gif inspired by a view from ECA Hunter Building's window.

Memories on the wall

Our memories are everywhere.

Jelly Bear

Just for Fun.

Spray yourself into happiness.

Jo Malone is my favorite perfume brand. I created this artwork during the Christmas period of 2017.

Petals underneath a rose.

This one was inspired by a classic scene from one of my favorite Disney's cartoon, Beauty and the Beast.

Soon will be gone

The Gif was created during the valentine's period in 2017. (Sad Story Project)

The Immortal Twins

Capture the scene from my simple brunch back in Edinburgh.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Sweet Escape (Ordinary Daydreams Project)

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Seafood (Ordinary Daydreams Project)

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Heart Sounds (Sad Stories Project)

Untouchable (Sad Stories Project)

A loop which never ends

The Great Gatsby (Pattern Practice)

I'm a Collector. (The Collector Book)

Paleness in the air. (The Collector Book)

I'm believe, I'm the greatest collector. (The Collector Book)

Pinch Penny Recipes

Pinch Penny Recipes

Pinch Penny Recipes

Pinch Penny Recipes (Pattern)

Pinch Penny Recipes

Cloud Atlas Book Cover Reinterpretation

Morning Boost (Ordinary Daydreams Project)