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ARTIST: Pnk.ff
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi, Nice to meet you! my name is Froyd. I am a design student, also Bangkok based illustrator, who is interested in animals and vivid color palettes. Most of my works come in a friendly and humorous style.

ฝรั่งมาหาเพื่อนที่ไทย / Foreigner meets up with a friend in Bangkok

Represent Dalmatian as a foreigner and Thai Ridgeback as a Bangkokian.

Pigeon at the park

Type of Sausages

Various types of sausages inspired by the dachshund, sausage dogs.

Feel like summer

Fishy sketchy

A set of fishes from my current sketchbook.

Step of Pufferfish

What the duck

Potato Hens

Can I love you now?

Duckie vase


More Artwork/Merchandise:


A collaboration project with the Monkey brothers factory, an illustration design on the pinto. I try to use wording and the shape of typography that are related to the antiqueness of pinto and also the function of it to draw the customer’s attention.

You are my fish

Acrylic painting on a sack.

Su-Ka-Ti / สุคติ

"Su-ka-ti", the water bottle packaging design for a funeral that can make the guest feel better. This packaging is working in 3 steps by thermochromic packaging the word on the bottle will change according to temperature to remind the guest from สุคติ to สติ. Moreover, this bottle can be a souvenir with the collection of 4 auspicious animals illustration instead of red needles and candies to reduce waste after the funeral.

Ching-Mha-Gerd postcard

45 Baht/ each

Happy Birthday Sticker

A5 Coated Matte
60 Baht/ each

Nok Sticker

A5 Transparent
60 Baht/ each

Don't worry, I can take care of myself.

I just wanna be with you

I wish every day was Christmas.

Happy New Year 2020

The new year gift set illustration design for the Monkey brothers factory.

I'm your Santa

Gift set packaging for the Christmas festival for your special one. The concept is “ delivery directly from your Santa” so the bag is inspired by post-box and the sender can D.I.Y by stick the stamps sticker on it.

Life quality of cats in Talat Noi

Talat Noi is commonly known for adorable stray cats in its area but in reality, most of those cats are not healthy. This project is a data visualization made for cat lovers to help improve their life quality by following this guideline to feed them.

Engi No Yoi

A poster painting on the A1 frame for a customer. An illustration of 11 auspicious animals in Japan for them to give to their friend as a wedding gift. Metallic Gold, Burgundy, and Indigo can represent auspiciousness.

In the mood for birds

Stay with Strays

This publication is the manual book of how to be friends with Bangkok stray dogs which inspired from my experience that I have raised 5 stray dogs. This book has 4 chapters that contain in-depth information that is very helpful for beginners who want to be friends with them. (130 x 185 mm)


This project is a campaign that wants to reduce the fruit waste issue. I made a juice packaging design which is a juice made from distorted fruit with the message “ Imperfect shape, perfect taste.” to show that even it has bad appearances, it still has delicious juice.


วรรณวนัช บูรพาเดชะ


ดูสนุกมาก ชอบ character ที่วาดค่ะ หน้าตากวนๆ ชวนให้อารมณ์ดีและสีก็สวยสะดุดตามาก ภาพ 'ฝรั่งมาหาเพื่อนที่ไทย' ดูได้นานดีค่ะ ชอบเป็นพิเศษ :)

เจเรมี โช และ เบญ จามาร์


เราเคยพูดคุยกันแล้วใน Direct-Message จาก Clement Atelier ทางเราเดินหนีจากคุณไม่ได้จริงๆ ผมหลงใหลในงานของคุณมาก ทั้งเนื้อหาและการนำเสนอที่ชัดเจน ผสมกับมุมมองต่างๆ ที่เราคิดว่าเหมาะสมกับ Clement X มาก จึงตัดสินใจเลือกคุณเพื่อมาร่วมงานในแบรนด์ Clement X ทางเราตั้งตารอที่จะได้ร่วมงานกันนะครับ

เจอร์รี่ เยน


lovely animal , lovely world

ปาริฉัตร คำวาส


เราติดตามผลงานของคุณและชื่นชอบสไตล์รวมถึงการเลือกใช้สีมาก ขอให้อย่าหยุดสร้างสรรค์ผลงาน เพราะยังมีหนึ่งคนนี้คอยติดตามเสมอ :)