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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Viput A.
COUNTRY: Thailand
Viput A. is a Bangkok based illustrator and designer. He believes in spreading positive energy through his work. He has worked with renowned clients not only in Thailand but also abroad. His clients include Apple, Sc assets, Sansiri, KBank, Twining and AP. Besides that he also founder of Viput S., A design studio based in BKK full of enthusiasms to explore the communication designs & art directions. Leave your imaginations with Viput S.

The one who tries the hardest shines the brightest

Who do we do it for? This drawing invites everyone to question yourselves once again about who we live and want to achieve our life goals. Once we know the answer, do it with intention. best effort However, this artwork desires to encourage everyone who is on the way. Some people may be tired. or discouraged But be confident in your own potential that you will be able to reach your intended goal one day.

The twilight gathering

It would be nice if in the evening after work. You will have time to relax and hang out with friends. as they say “Even though your day is over, the fun doesn't have to stop. Happy hour is just around the corner”.

Mr. Valentine and his land of love

While everyone is celebrating the festival of love There was still one person who was still diligently concentrating on his work. That person is Mr. Valentine who acts as a postman who delivers selected items from his land of love as a means of love for lovers around the world.

Inside to Outside

This character design encourages people to pay more attention to their health. Taking care of yourself is important. And what's more important, taking good care of yourself should start with our own diet that will result from the inside of our body to the outside. Makes us truly healthy people.

Lakshmi's Legacy

Story of Mother Lakshmi It has inspired many things in the world. including this artwork as well, In the day when the story of "Mutelu" was not limited to one group of people. Which, of course, must also include a group of young generation as well. To be modern, agile, more accessible, more Comtemporary, accessible to more people. However, regardless of how Mother Lakshmi is depicted, He continues to hold the hearts of disciples around the world every time.

Fearless Strides

Through this Pride month collaboration with Nike, we want to encourage the LBGTQA+ community to have the courage to be themselves free from fear or anxiety. For people who have been able to surpass that point, it is a delightful story. But for those who are still stuck in the bondage of fear We want our designs and campaigns to help you overcome your fears this time around.

A Lover of Sands and Seas

I'm usually a beach lover. and love diving activities But rarely have the opportunity to paint a picture about the sea. This is the first time in many years that I have painted a seascape like I've wanted to draw for a long time. This is another picture of this year that I really like because it allows me to fully release myself.

Dear another verse

To all the children who are growing up in a world that spins with trends that will make everyone grow up with insecurities. Be truly in love with yourself. Don't be afraid to show your world to everyone. no matter what the world is like Even today no one understands you But stand by yourself. then your day will come.

Fresh Start Treasures

New Year's Beginnings, it would be a good opportunity to start doing something new. One of them would be going out shopping to buy things for the house. It may sound like a small thing, but we went shopping once. It allows us to meet new people. The atmosphere on the way from home to the supermarket That may look the same, but with the atmosphere of the New Year festival then It's definitely going to change. For anyone who wants to try something new but doesn't know where to start. Going out shopping is also a good idea.

Love's Odyssey

“Love” commences with a journey. On the way, we traverse the gamut of types of people and ways of loving: we encounter relationships good and bad; experience sadness, happiness, heartbreak and the fulfillment of our dreams. In the end, everything that we have been through coheres and crystallizes into memories that are precious beyond measure and lessons that will accompany us for the rest of our lives. In the words of Vincent Peale: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars”. After all, if you believe in love and the journey, then to lose sight of what you are searching for is not proof of its absence. For we know though the moon can't be seen during the day, it hasn't disappeared, and will always re-appear when the time is right.