/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Thai artist and illustrator who fascinated in traditional, crafts, and Asian elements.

Qing lady holds a fan with a tiger pattern.

An illustration for celebration with Lunar New Year 2022, Year of the Tiger.
Digital Painting.


“When the sun goes down, how was going on?”
Digital painting.

Nyonya Bride.

Digital painting.

Nyonya’s portrait.

Digital painting.

Nyonya’s portrait.

Digital painting.


An illustration was inspired by Mughal art created with Thai traditional style.
29.7 x 42 cm.
Gouache and gold leaf on paper.


The painting represent story of Parijata tree with a couple of angels are flirting together in a heaven garden.
23x34.6 cm.
gouache and gold leaf on paper.

Thai dancer.

Digital painting.

Flowing among flowers.

Commission painting from client.
The story of painting is about love between a couple, it was represented by zodiac symbols (horse and mouse) among colourful flowers.
24 x 30 cm.
Acrylic on canvas.

Vivacious Nang Loeng.

My phone case design for Bangkok Design Week 2023 x CASETiFY.
Represent identity of Nang Loeng District in Bangkok, Thailand.