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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: monning
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi, I'm Kotchamon Anupoolmanee (aka Monning), an Illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. my artwork mostly inspired by a hamster pet, convey an imaginative to a little story in various format of work whether an ofline prints / digital illustration or motion. wish you enjoy my tiny world like i'm creating them.

Eye drop crocodile tears shop

A shop which was conceptualised based off a play on the crocodile tears idiom, which refers to the fake shedding of tears to exhibit one’s own sadness. It is a fitting name for a shop selling artificial tears.

Best seller eye drop

This image shows the bestselling products of the eye drop crocodile tears shop. These range from mountaintop mineral water to remedy pink eyes to fresh lime juice to prevent eye exhaustion.

Spooky things i found in halloween

A set of pictures produced from the topic of zine-o-ween (2022), inspired by the ingredients essential to have in a variety of horror movies.

Hot cocoa

On nights the biting cold makes you want to huddle up in the car, a drive-through cocoa shop is just what you need.

Christmas with arma

Our family is of Chinese descent. When Christmas rolls around, my grandmother starts decorating our family home, and the things she uses are oh-so-unique!

Me and my Bonsai

I’m not the neatest person in the world and can sometimes be a bit silly. A plant I really like, though, is the Bonsai tree that looks simple and calm. This leads me to believe that if I raised my own Bonsai and it somehow came to life, it would be a Bonsai that has the same silly personality as me.

Liopleurodon in aquarium

The skeletons of a Liopleurodon dinosaur and an alligator gar which, having looked at them, made this display look like it came straight out of the Jurassic era.

Motolobster club

On days I work so much I hunch up like a shrimp, I often think it’d be nice to just vacation without a care in the world. No rush, just vibes.


The Sandersonia flower represents compassion, hope, and a new beginning.

Movie fanart

My favorite movie in 2022