/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Rin Jirajakkavan
COUNTRY: Thailand
Rin is a freelance illustrator / designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. They enjoy creating artwork using clean shapes and playful compositions, combining stories of everyday life with imagination.

Rin trained in Industrial Design before gaining a distinction from Camberwell College of Arts for an illustration MA, and now looking forward to expanding their practice on a multitude of projects.

The Wishing Well

Looking into the kitchen sink, an elderly Asian woman reflects on her unfulfilled life spent pleasing and taking care of others. For the first time, rage builds up in her heart.

Scene Shifting

A futuristic mobile live theatre. The play is changing from one scene to another. This piece illustrates my obsession with theatre and fantasy world.

Post Office

'Our post office is always busy and visited by creatures of various races. Please queue in an orderly fashion!'

The Land of Lost Property

Inspired from the book ‘Mary Poppins’, the mini map illustrates a place where the lost things from our world come together, whether they are memories, objects, feelings, or dreams. This project is a part of mini zines set I collaborated with my friends under the topic 'Travel'.

It’s Beginning to Slow Now

A mysterious carousel that appears one night out of nowhere. I listened to my favorite song ‘I Stayed Too Long At the Fair’ a lot while drawing this.

Memoir Playlist - Reed Diffuser Labels

My illustrations for the brand ‘Memoir Playlist’, depicting different scents and atmospheres of reed diffuser product.

Do You Know What That’s Worth?

A couple dancing among the lights and shades of the nightlife in Bangkok.

Charing Cross

A drawing from when I was waiting for the train in Charing Cross station. I still sometimes miss London a lot.


Friends go shopping. I want to explore shapes and a limited palette in this illustration.


A tired businessman reminisces about his carefree childhood while stuck in the traffic back home.