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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Twofeetcat
COUNTRY: Thailand
Illustrator and writer based in Bangkok, Thailand who pulls inspiration from observant of the world with the help of humor and the mixture between peculiar and adorable looking illustration to reach a goal to create strange looking yet friendly story that encourage the creativity, curiosity and feel a little bit shiver down the spine.

I’m eager to participate in projects that involve storytelling, graphic design, editorial illustration especially for children’s books and also finding the way to become friends with a stray cat, collecting picture books and reading horror or Suspense and Crime Fiction on my free time.

Step into Bizarre world with your two feet.
Walk with me!

The Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Hungry ghosts also known as Pret is the name for a type of the supernatural being in Buddhist beliefs that when someone who were particularly selfish, jealous, and deceitful in their last life. After death, by a result of karma, they are afflicted with an insatiable hunger but are not able to eat

Pret in Thai media frequently described as being abnormally tall, small mouths, giant hands and feet. and believed to happen to those who have hit and scolded their parents However, this is just one kind of Prets

In this collection I select the description of Hungry ghosts Based on Three Worlds According to King Ruang (ไตรภูมิพระร่วง), Basket of Discourses (พระสุตตันตปิฎก) and other tales. and turn into something more approachable because I want to explore the things that always make people scary but actually fun to knows with.

เวลาพูดถึงเปรตเราจะนึกภาพผีปากเท่ารูเข็ม ซึ่งจริงๆเป็นแค่หนึ่งในเปรตจำนวนมากที่ถูกเล่าในไตรภูมิพระร่วง หรือ พระสุตตันตปิฎก แมวสองขาเลยถือโอกาสยกเปรตที่คิดว่ามีเรื่องราวกับวิชวลน่าสนใจมาวาดเป็นคอลเลกชั่นนี้

The Realm of Hungry Ghosts : Pappat-ankha Pret (ปัพพตังคเปรต)

'Pappat' in Sanskrit language means mountain and 'Ankha' means body.
When combine it together Pappat-ankha Pret mean Hungy ghost that have a body big as mountain

And in the description, this hungry ghost also has prickle all over their body, Fingernail and toenail are long and sharp like a knife and more than that when its prickle bounce together will create a loud noise like thunder and set the fire to burn its body!

ปพฺพต = ภูเขา + อังคะ =ตัว/อวัยวะ สมาสเป็นปัพพตังคะ แปลว่า ตัวเท่าภูเขา
นอกจากตัวจะเท่าภูเขา เปรตตัวนี้มีขนแหลมทั้งตัว และเล็บมือเท้าคมเหมือนหอกดาบ จนถ้ามากระทบกันจะเกิดเสียงดังเหมือนฟ้าผ่า และตามจากเสียงคือไฟที่ลุกทั้งตัว!

The Realm of Hungry Ghosts - Rice hulls Pret (เปรตกอบแกลบ)

ภุสเปตวัตถุ(เปรตกอบแกลบ) - The story of snaky merchant who mix laterite with rice to cheat on the scales. For this reason, in the afterlife he becomes the hungry ghost that need to pick up burning rice hulls and pour in to his head for eternity.

The Realm of Hungry Ghosts - The golden Pret

Hungry ghost isn’t always looking uncanny or gruesome sometime they turn out to have a golden body or even have their own sanctuary. But in the end, they still have a feature that come from their karma in past live – become hungry ghost.

As told in 'สูกรมุขเปตวัตถุ' or the tale of pig looking hungry ghost
It has the golden body that shiny like no one had ever seen it before. But end up have a face that look like a pig. The story told us that he happens to be calm and composed person but always bad-mouthing everyone else.

And also in 'กูฏวินิจฉยีกเปตวัตถุ'
This hungry ghost also has a good looking but it use its nail to Pecks his back to eat as food
as a result of he always stab someone in the back to gain an advantage to himself.

See Sim Mukdahan

ชมสิมมุกดาหาร - Book cover design commission

Travel book that focuses on Naïve temple art in Northeast Buddhist Holy Temple in Mukdahan province. So, I design this cover by mimic the Printing press style because I want to make it to have a touch of retro feeling and combine with loveable character of Naïve art sculpture in Mukdahan and use mainly blue and yellow color that is signature of Temple in Mukdahan

งานออกแบบปกหนังสือท่องเที่ยวชมสิมในจังหวัดมุกดาหาร โดยคุณนักเขียนต้องการให้หน้าปกมีภาพของรูปปั้นทวารบาลของแต่ละสิม จึงออกแบบภาพและตัวอักษรให้มองดูคล้ายงานภาพพิมพ์หรือตราปั๊ม เพื่อให้ได้ความรู้สึกของหนังสือท่องเที่ยวและร่องรอยดีเทลงานพิมพ์ที่ทำให้งานดูเรโทรมากขึ้น และเลือกใช้สีฟ้าและเหลืองที่เป็นสีเด่นของสิมในจังหวัดนี้

Horror Botanical

What do you think when you see a flower?

When I see beautiful flower, I always wonder about their fascinating form and think to myself about what it looks like – This flower kinds of looks like spider
So, this collection I choose the flowers that I adore and turn it into something spooky to spark the curiosity to anyone who see it

So, When you think about flower next time.
Try to think about what it look like and have fun!

Horror Botanical : Heart Rose

Rose is flower of love, As a heart itself

Horror Botanical : Ghost Bell

When the bell rang, we will hear the BOO!

Horror Botanical : Squid Lily

The candy eater

Beware your candy to candy eater!

The walking pumpkin man who wander around the town to steal a candy from kid in halloween day because he loves sweets so much and could not resist it.

But if you give him just one piece of candy, He wil feel really grateful and maybe give you a special candy that you have even seen before

So, Do not forget to share your candy to someone (and also brush your teeth before bed)


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Hungry Ghosts shirt

Official merchandise for hungry ghost collection

Everthing can be 'เปด'

Another collection from hungry ghosts concept, When Thai people talk about pret other than the scary ghost we use the word 'pret' to descripe thing that frustrated us enough to curse it to become pret, So I took this idea to create a zine.


Original novel + Illustration project
The story about Win the motorcycle taxi who working in the area that the mysterious and inexplicable is always happening. But somehow. Every single supernatural phenomenon he came across with are treated as mundane.

Queue line doodling - shake shack

Queue line doodling event for opening day

Queue line doodling - shake shack

Queue line doodling event for opening day


cover design commission

Hera' Divorce

cover design commission


cover design commission