/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: meltboy
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello, I'm Meltboy. Freelance Digital Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Thailand. Have participated in Bkkif2022 and Sifv.15.
My work presents the feelings of people's daily lives Through my interpretation that All humans yearn for happiness. Because humans are born sad, It's normal for us to be in pain.
Thank you so much for coming. I hope you enjoy my works.

Like Ridding a Rollercoaster

Sometimes, work life is like riding a roller coaster. Up and down, slow and fast, there are some fun days. And some days, I was so nauseous that I almost threw up.

So do I

After the washing machine signals that it has completed its task. I brought the giant pile of laundry I had accumulated over the week onto the balcony. I see the light Slowly disappearing, and the sky turns black. I'm reminded of the old saying that it's raining Because the sky is sad. "So do I," I thought to myself.

not too short

Though it happens often, I never got used to some feelings. Like when you finish cutting your hair and find it too short.

A piece of time

The pieces of my time were quickly picked up by others until the last part was left. I just stared and prayed that no one would pick it up. My time is divided into many pieces. And share it with others. There are people I want and people I don't. It would be nice if there was a day when I didn't have to share my time with anyone, just for one day.


There are many things that people fear without knowing it yet. And many times, those things are not as scary as you think. Sadness is the same. Actually, it might not be as frightening as you think. I'm not telling everyone to be sad. But if sadness happens, Let's embrace it. Let's try to understand it and deal with it.


Giving is a great way to show love.It can be a thing or a feeling. Give to others and yourself.

It’s Time to Bloom

Every time we are disappointed, We will always grow up.

One cigarette

On a difficult day, just one cigarette can save someone's life.
I don't smoke, And I don't hate people who smoke. I understand that. They all have their own solutions. There are both good and bad solutions. Sometimes, the excellent solution is too far away to reach.

3 doors

How many doors are there in the world? Someone has roughly calculated that there are about 33 trillion doors. I suddenly thought about it. How many doors have I entered and exited in the past? Just thinking about counting makes me lazy.
So I tried to look smaller. How many doors did I go in and out this month? It's only 3 door, which is the bedroom, bathroom, and the entrance to the room. (going out to get food ordered from delivery) I counted quickly because I had yet to go anywhere, .... Hmm..I have to go find other doors

Horror Movie

I like to watch ghost movies. It's a movie full of mysteries and mysteries.
The film's atmosphere slowly took me to Another world full of imagination. I began to forget the worries I had.
The stress began to fade. It was like it was giving me some sweet candy.