/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
A soft heart Makes the drawing feel warm, she is Warily, an illustrator.

Chance - โอกาส

I searched, so I found it.

Side by Side - เคียง

Always feel comfortable Because I know I have you

Allocate - หมั่นจัดสรร จึงเชี่ยวชาญ

Be diligent in allocating, so you are proficient.

Letters & Travel - ท่องอักษร

Set out on a journey to a new land.

Experience - ประสบการณ์

When you step out So many stories have been told.

Guard - ถนอมฝัน

I love you more than anyone. my dream I'll protect you.

Effort - เพียรเพื่อผลิบาน

Consistency will lead to growth.

Never - ไม่เคยจาง

Because I have you there is a memory.

Peekaboo! - จ๊ะเอ๋!

You've never been far from each other.

Generous - ใจกว้างจึงสุขสงบ

An open heart brings happiness and peace.