/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Fartboil
COUNTRY: Thailand
Lethargic Doodler and Distorted Reality

Hello TV

he beginning of technological age can also lead the the end of humanity

Goodbye Human

Once we as human beings have merged with technology and the real beauties that were there only left on screen and paper

Random Artwork

Unused artwork from record store day 2023

x Record Record

Collaboration with Record Record Thailand by the concept of vinyl lovers


Part of illustration design for Ray Cocktail and Bite, Mixture of modern Japanese

Beware the White Flag

Sometimes we all were fooled by people we trust

Turtle Odyssey

The long foot journey presented by Tristan and the turtle


Illustration design for Naturalista, Depicted the image of wine and nature

Tattoo Flash Design

Flash design up for grab (Personal Project)

Draw your own path

Illustration for Fineacts x IPPF on the topic of contraceptive care
to translate the idea that Adolescents and young people
have the right to make their own free and informed choices and to have control over
their sexual and reproductive health and lives, free from coercion, violence, discrimination and abuse.