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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Khemtit
COUNTRY: Thailand
I’m Khemtit, an independent illustrator based in Bangkok. I’m passionate about capturing the beauty of everyday life, nature, and relationships through my illustrations. I love to create artwork that tells a story and evokes emotions in the viewer. My style is a mix of whimsical and realistic elements, and I enjoy experimenting with color and texture to create unique and captivating visuals. I enjoy exploring the natural beauty of an Asia and finding inspiration in the world around me. : ]

First Day

In front of their new home, the family gazes with anticipation, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.


Amidst the serene forest, he captures her essence on canvas, blending nature's beauty with the artistry of his love.


A dreamy encounter of a romantic couple amidst nature's embrace, igniting passions and serenity in their hearts.


A haven of peace, the home studio embraces serenity with its large windows, lush gardens, and radiant light.

I'm fine

In her contemplation, she gazes out of the train window, reminiscing the love that once was, lost in the distant view.


Amid Thailand's historic election campaigns, a diverse array of colors, beliefs, and differences converge in unity, standing in line to cast votes for a shared future.


In their dream-like world, a young couple cherishes the beauty of simplicity. She tends to balcony plants while he enjoys coffee and a book nearby, basking in the serenity of togetherness.


Capturing the essence of Hong Kong, bustling streets with people crossing zebra crossings, the iconic double-decker tram graces the scene of this mesmerizing city.


In this warm coffee shop, the air is thick with the stories of diverse souls, each cup brewing a unique tale. "a cup of story"


Amidst joyful smiles, the symphony of laughter, all eyes are drawn to the luminous fireworks, uniting in celebration on a magical summer festival night.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Summer Summer

Book cover design for short stories about Summer,


Artwork for short stories about Summer,

Summer Road

Artwork for short stories about Summer,


Book cover design for the Korean Horror Novels,
Prism Publishing.

a cup of story 01

Book covers for 4 short stories about coffee,

Night Signals

Longing for trips, the quiet workspace yearns for adventure as the man toils into the night.

Mad Summer

Friends united by music and laughter, dancing around a seaside bonfire on a starry night.

Mutual Bar

Our final shared refuge before bidding farewell to divergent paths forever.


Ponyo and Sosuke discover magic below, an underwater city and a myriad of playful fish.

Kimono Mom

Warm moments as mother teaches daughter to cook. Family love.

home 03

home 05

home 07

home 08

home 09

alRIGHTs 01

Artwork for alRIGHTs Application

alRIGHTs 02

Artwork for alRIGHTs Application

Storyboard 01

Artwork for Event Storyboard

Storyboard 02

Artwork for Event Storyboard

Storyboard 03

Artwork for Event Storyboard

Budlight 02

Poster design for a marijuana shop on Khao San Road.

Rice Field

Private Commission for K'Ning.

Bonsai Living Room

Private Commission for K'Noc.


Poster design for a Luka Restaurant in Bangkok.


Wedding Card design for K'Fon.