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ARTIST: Vachboy
COUNTRY: Thailand
Bangkok-based artist. My work is a reflection of my imagination. “Creativity + Fun” makes the world a better place.

Bachelor of Fine arts - Silpakorn University
Master of Fine arts - Rangsit University

I hope that tomorrow I will grow taller.

I hope that all the experiences, both good and bad, that come into my life will be lessons for the future.

Your dreams, only you can cut them.

Others might judge that you gave up, but only you have the power to decide when to give up in your life.


Everything is driven by money, and sometimes it consumes our identity to the point that if money slaps your face, you won't feel the pain.

I embrace both joy and sorrow.

Both happiness and suffering that occur to us always become valuable lessons for the future.

I hope to not pay attention to incomplete little things in life.

Sometimes, our lives might already be good, but we focus on the imperfect things so much that we forget about the remaining goodness.

The Birth of Creativity

This project is for the mural at Silpakorn University, which means daring courage to create the most extraordinary ideas.

The journey of creativity.

This project is for the mural at Silpakorn University, which signifies that creativity is compare to an adventure involving exploration, experimentation, successes, and failures until the right answers are found."

The Dance (2023)

This image has been adapted from the painting 'Dance' (1909-1910), which aims to convey that certain aspects of the contemporary era have changed, while some things remain the same, such as dance.

Vinyl for Record Store Day 2023

In this project, I have designed a slip mat for Record Store Day.

I hope that I will not give up on myself.

I hope that I won't surrender to obstacles.


จิรัสย์ รัฐวงศ์จิรกุล และ ดร. วิท วรรณไกรโรจน์

There is no words to explain how happy we are to be able to work with Vachboy. His work ethics are shown in his works. His paintings are blowing our mind away with his painting skills. It is good to see how he keep pushing and developing better works! Looking forward to see how successful he will be in the future.