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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Machillux
COUNTRY: Thailand
I'm Mach as known as Machillux. I have been drawing for 6 years, mainly focusing on digital art and splash art. I am passionate about character designing and concept arts. I found, myself, love spending my time putting tiny details, especially, decorating the cloth or accessories with golden texture.


Sometimes we spend only a few moments in our surroundings. We look at a tree and percieve that it's just a simple tree with branches sticking out.

But if you look closely, what will you see?

A thing or a creature is made from tiny particles.

Take a closer look, and you will discover a whole new world. It might have things that don't make sense, such as a frog hanging on the moon, blood red sea. But every small beautiful elements mixing together and become a wonderful big thing. You just need to slow down and enjoy everything in your life.


Sometimes we are just tired and want to lean on someone who can protect us and give unconditional love. The girl peacefully takes a rest in the protection of the tiger - the guardian.

Everyone deserves to be loved and care for no matter who you are, what you did, or what you have succeeded or failed. There will be the one who always takes care of you and be your warm homie. Do you found one? It could be your best friend, lover, or parent. Please take care of it. It's priceless.


Human have grown over time. And every moments are beautiful.

Drowning into Surreal

Surrealistic art is a big world. I drown into that world. There are many pieces I love. They are so fascinating that I can't take an eye off them. And I want to be a person who creates surrealistic art as well.

The mirror

Time to cut

Under the light


Sunday Morning


An illustration that shows a mixing between magic and machine as a modern Ninja.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

I'm currently working on surreal art.

Rhapsody of the galaxy

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