/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
HELLO MY NAME IS YAKUU and can call me kuu (this name used in the faculty ) .I AM illustrator or architect or people who love to draw or NFT artists base on thailand .I think i am duckartis . MY work about ghost and monster in japan.

heartbeat of emotional

concept is about heart and mark
Different emotions are communicated in different masks.


Tsuchigumo the ginat spider-like yokai in Japanese folklore.Legend has it that it is The hungry and fierce some recorded that Looks like a tiger mixed with a spider. This image was interpreted as if the Tsuchigumo in cyberpunk concepts .Represents a being whose strength no one can stop, whether it be justice or faith.

Demon Headphone

The sound of the music goes on as both stimulating in life. And sometimes it can destroy life as well

yokai tank

character design Selected tank Come combine in with Japanese ghosts based on a yokai named wanyudo who has a large head. Assembled with cart wheels


When Japanese ghosts invade Bangkok But I had to be shocked because I was addicted to cable. therefore unable to enter Bangkok because of the electrical cable


(THE GIANT BONE) Gashadokuro is a skeletal giant who wanders around the countryside during the darkest hours of the night. Their teeth and bones trembled with a sound. bones clash

THAI GHOST Tsukumogami

Tsukumogami, ghosts that are reinterpreted as those of Thai people, such as mortar and mortar shaman pots, and ghosts of ratchaburi dragon jars.

八岐の大蛇; Yamata no Orochi

Yamata no Orochi was originally an eight-headed dragon with the head of a snake or dragon. But I have come to a new interpretation that the 8 heads are the fears of ancient humans in our form, such as fear of people, animals, death, and disease. Each head does not use all eight snake heads.

oni arttoy

The character design came from there, almost like drawing giants and masks. And wanting to be a real piece, therefore designing and 3D printing arising from the images that have been designed.

dont touch me (ハンド)

want to be introverted and avoid many The image thus presents the concept of many hands and arms coming out to spread, protect and destroy anything that needs to be communicated.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

yakuu t-shirt

my first t-shirt

้ hell of Phonograph record

Phonograph record that put my soul on it. (I just wanted to try and have my Phonograph record. I think it's cool)