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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Guidekk
COUNTRY: Thailand
I am a Thai contemporary illustrator and ceramic sculptor. My art is inspired by Thai traditional mural art style that expresses and blends with modern or futuristic contexts.

Weaponry Enchanter

A designer of weapon and magic.

Defending Section

Battle Angel, protector of the city wall, and Naku, a modified naga flamethrower defense mechanism.

Winged Joss Stick Pot

An isometric illustration design of a winged joss stick pot that has 6 candle holders, symbolizes 6 wishes grant to the worshiper.

Fish on the Street

Fish community takes over a part of a town by flooding through building and street.

Ghost Station

A station where our earth and ghost realm intersect. The gatekeeper has the authority to lock or undo the gate.

Arnon's Death

At Arnon's, the giant fish, brink of his death, he controls the earth's climate with his last warm saliva.

Red Subnautica City

The city of Lamphun is submerged with the blood of giant dead fish. Covered with sticky skeleton and overflowed with pile of guts.

The Next King Fish

An eating competition where all fish will have to eat the dead king fish. The one who eat and grow big the most gets to be the next king fish.

Flatten Fish Fillet

Fish is considered the main ingredient that is popular among food. The size of the fish get smaller and smaller from the past due to the increasing of the human’s population, representing the scarcity of limited resources. Left with only the fishbone in this plate to reflect the future imagery creating awareness of the importance of those living things.

Material: Ceramic Stoneware
Technique: Underglaze painting, fired at 1,250 degrees Celsius
Size: 16 inches diameter

Macha Vera Fish

Macha Vera fish represents the balance living and death. The souls of dead that enters a fish realm will go through death's mouth and reborn out of the living's mouth.

Material: Ceramic Stoneware
Technique: Glaze painting with crackled overglaze, fired at 1,250 degrees Celsius
Size: 12w x 22H x 40L cm.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

A Sense of Thai 2023: The Golden Kingdom

Illustration key visual for Central Embassy

Heavy Jack Collection

Ceramic collection of Heavy Jack the horse in many variations by ceramic techniques

Cow Highway

A suburban house is taken over by cows and highway

Spirit Refugee in Dolomeen

An oasis area of angel spirit that migrate from pagodas of the dead.

Naku Head

Week 92 Stillherestilllife

Food Ritual

Week 110 Stillherestilllife

Ceremonial flower cake

A Bouquet Flower that I Got

Sacred Sequences

Sage Karen