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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Bomfha
COUNTRY: Thailand
I'm Bomfha, I am an Illustrator from Thailand. I have been interested in illustration since my BA study. Besides that, I have also been passionate about ancient stories and legends, myths, history, and even simple stories in daily life. I usually use signs and metaphorical interpretations of feelings through vivid and eye-catching illustrations using digital painting techniques, and sometimes blending them with traditional techniques through a surreal, pop, and easily approachable style.

Wild flowers in a concrete metropolis

Getting there to visit Hong Kong I gained fresh insights from it. especially the social and way of life conditions. seeing views of trees and lofty structures while staying here The flowers that sprout up among the concrete serve as a reminder of the struggles that people face every day in this city.

Before Sunrise

I can see the crystal drop falling. As I walked along the street, When the sun began to shine through the water.

Garden rose

The flowers will be even more beautiful. When passing through a rainstorm.

Life favour Matini

feeling of shock It is the area of the emotion that underwent change before exploding. like receiving a Martini glass in front of you with the taste of life being served inside. Unmistakable kind must be tolerated in order to be defeated. A sudden, uncontrollable emotion surged and erupted. On oneself, it can occasionally have devastating results like a miniature explosion. may leave some soreness behind. However, it is something that forces us to grow. Loss and suffering can happen once more. It depends on the flavors that life offers us.

still life

weekly practice

The international novel festival

A lengthy road of imagination leads readers to novels that are just waiting to be found. And the never-ending notion that, despite the advent of online media, the books would never die. (Illustration Key visual for the international novel book fair 2023)

The novel street

welcome to the city of books and wander along the road of imagination that will lead you to new stories that you have never seen anywhere else before.
(Illustration for the international novel book fair 2023)

Season of love song

Once upon a time in the wonderland of happiness. Songs and love were born again.
(Illustration Key visual for Season of Love Song Music Festival, 2023)

One siam

Illustration for One siam super app 1st Anniversary.

ปีศาจสวนดอกไม้( 花園の悪魔)

Illustration for the cover of the novel Flower Garden Demon.
In the Detective Kindaichi series.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

I believe that we live our lives in hope. Sometimes when hopelessness occurs, we think of a sacred item, and we wish for good things with it. This work is inspired by the Japanese belief, Saying that God is everywhere. Flower arrangement is one of the Shinto beliefs to balance human beings and nature, So I imagine sacrificing to God, referred from Inari (Japanese Fox God) mythology. And Deva who rides a dragon is a representative who brings the flower to God who lives on heaven.

Hidden Goddess

The multicultural nature of Thai society is reflected in this artwork, where people hold a belief in the existence of God and spirits who live among them and guard them wherever they go. Additionally, it shows that the majority of Thais worship gods without regard to the religions or nations from which they hail.

Acrylic on Canvas
80x120 cm

Give love

Acrylic on Canvas
35x45 CM

Teppen Drink menu

Illustration for Teppen Food Entertainment.

Malai Thai of Siam Shawn

Illustration for a shawl in the concept ‘Malai Thai of Siam’

Bomfha x Maneerin

Illustration for premium gift boxes on special occasions represents these key values, capturing the essence of community, togetherness, and a shared responsibility towards the environment.

Auspicious crane.

Characters Design and elements for
Icon Siam Chinese New years Decoration 2023

Sunnyfilm Camera

Private commission for Sunnyfilm Camera store

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