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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
I'm ITSARA GUONG, an artist from Thailand who likes to draw cartoons, illustrations and character designs.

important things

This image explains that people's valuables do not always have to be the same. Use the symbol of a thief holding a large bag filled with different valuables or treasures.

Donut Forest

Inspired by the movie CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS (2009), the movie talks about a mad scientist. who created an invention that turns water into food and the idea was born to send the invention into the atmosphere This caused the clouds to transform into food and fall from the sky.


This gif is a cover photo of the song 強風オールバック. The content talks about the strong wind causing the bangs to fall off.

living food

This image is intended to convey that each animal that is taken as food has a soul. But it is just something that is consumed and sought after in large numbers.

center island

This image is intended to convey the inequality of land ownership. Most land ownership is concentrated among a small group of people and many people do not own a home.

partner in crime

The inspiration came from the story Gundam Build Fighters, which revolves around the two main characters, Reiji and Sei. I was impressed by the relationship between these two characters, so I wanted to convey it through the characters Erite by naming the picture. that partner in crime does not mean accomplice or the perpetrator But there is another meaning: Friends who will do crazy things together Or someone who will be head and tail together.

Fried Egg Garden

This picture is a presentation of how to look at the world differently than it is. Using the character of Cooley as the protagonist while adding color to the problems that arise and have fun with it.

Meteor Flower

This image is a fantasy of another world or place that Erite wants to take refuge in. Caused by fatigue from the real world The images reflect the harsh reality. We want to create a safe world. A place of solace and hope in life.

Bitter Life

This picture represents the problems of everyday life. that represents value using clusters of problems that arise and a small door that represents escape from those problems

Vortex Loop

With this image, I want to express how life is like swimming in a wheel that spins continuously without stopping. which is overlaid with stories in imaginary worlds that were created to relieve the fatigue from what we have to deal with.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

The eyes of the embryo are often shown through the eyes of the character. Describes the imagination of a young child who imagines stories of the outside world.

autonomous cursed

This series of works of art arise from questioning whether
we truly have freedom. In choosing to do things with our
will or not, I want to present a painting style that expresses
being limited by various frames and conditions that occur
to oneself—or sticking with safe options through a mass of
clouds that look different. It conveys a variety of crowded
and complex options to convey a human being born free
from the choices that come into his daily life. They reflect
the problems of this society from my own direct experience.
From creating art thesis works, I have gained a better
understanding of the context of society and have conveyed
them through paintings

spa sea

80*100 cm
Acrylic on canvas
"unforgettable summer" group exhibition 2023


acrylic on canvas
"uncommon" group exhibition 2022

Unidentified Phenomena

50x50 cm.
Acrylic on canvas
" isekai " solo exhibition


Acrylic Painting , Size ; 70 x 70 cm , 2022
group exhibition


Acrylic Painting , Size ; 70 x 70 cm , 2022
group exhibition

9 cartoon the collection

9 cartoon the collection
It is working with Channel Nine Cartoon To produce a work of childhood memories, it is a project with a well-liked Voice actor and filled with nostalgia.

" isekai " solo exhibition

Isekai, or different worlds, was born from the artist's fondness for otherworldly cartoons. Now this type of cartoon is very popular. It therefore leads to the question of why so many people are popular or interested in this genre.

The truth in the answer is People often reject the harsh reality of the world and imagine an ideal world or a world that is different from reality.

The artist therefore has a desire to present the word 'different world'. From a different perspective of looking at the world To demonstrate how to deal with Different problems

process of autonomous cursed

160 * 127 cm (1)
160 * 127 cm (2)
Acrylic on canvas