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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
MARC KHAN is a full-time illustrator with a comfort object. She is a pink rabbit doll named ‘Nong Carrot’ ( nong is means younger sister in thai so she can be your little sister 💖 ) or you can call her just ‘ carrot 🥕 ‘ , so our most important mission is to make you happy and comfortable every time you meet us. 🐰💖


Pink is my all-time favorite color so I chose to color ‘nong carrot’ pink. Because of that, I will be very happy when I do work that is pink. You will notice that I use pink in some parts of every project.

hello monthly

Every month I start the first project of the month with a project called 'hello monthly'. This project is a greeting to everyone who follows my work that we have made it through another month and I always write a caption to wish that this month will be a good month for everyone. This work belongs to the month of July because it is the first month I started this project.

Love keychain

Carrot has a boyfriend named pi-suea (suea means tiger in Thai) a yellow tiger boy . I like to draw my work on various objects. For example, in this work I drew keychain because they are something that couples often buy for each other.

The rabbits

Carrot has many siblings and each has a different color. Because besides I like pink, I also like that many colors come together in one work. This work is the room of the rabbits. The colors of this work are the best.

stick it

For this piece I made it look like a sticker. I really like the colors of this work and another thing is that this is the first work that I have included Carrot's siblings. Have you guys noticed it?

sister's diary

This work I drew as a diary and decorated it with Carrot's first sister named Cara. She has a blue color and a yellow bow.

A girl group

This work was inspired by a girl group. I like to draw Carrot's siblings trying on different styles of clothing, such as school uniforms. Including elements of this work that draw a TV screen with stickers on it. I think this work is perfect one for me .

I love the chaos

This is work from the hello monthly project in March. I love the chaos in this one and if you guys noticed I added some glitter to it as well.

Carrot and Cara

I have plans to produce keychains as my product one day. This work has Carrot and Cara together.

Celebrating the 2nd anniversary

This is work from the hello monthly project from July 2023 . which is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of this project I don't forget to add pink to my work.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Get to know MARC KHAN

Hello Monthly (New arch arrival!)

Although this project is the thing I (Marc khan) have been doing for three years. This time I want to spice things up with the arrival of a new character who will join Carrot as a guest. “Rocky” is the new dog that wants to make every month of you guys full of joy and happiness.

Carrot as a Trend - Catcher

This piece of work will dig deeper into Carrot's mind about her obsession with fashion and trends! As you can see Carrot takes a photo in yearbook style, which is the trend that is popular in these years. This action reflects the side of her character that she loves to follow the trend that moving scary fast every year!

Not your ordinary Rabbit.

In this artwork which Carrot turn in to Half-rabbit half mermaid, It can be explain that she can be everything that she wants to based on her feeling and desire. Let’s just say She is everything!

Rabbit of the star table

This work will give you a glimpse of Carrot with her 5 sister, sitting at the table together while planing to do something cutie.

Touching Art-style

the sample of my art style which I declare my style as an art that is flooded with charm and cutie stuff.

Little rabbit comfy house.

This artwork represents the old house Carrot lived in for a long time with her friend.
In this work, I want to express the nostalgic vibe of the house and the memory you have experienced it before which will make you smile every time you think of it!

6 Shade of rainbow (Pride month event)

This work has interpret the concept of LGBTQIA+ community based on the iconic rainbow flag, divided each shade of color in rainbow into unique character.

Carrot First - Form

In this first piece of work, I started using Carrot as the main character. As you can see her first - form may look different if we compare it to Carrot nowadays. However, no matter how different she is, what still remains in this character is the cuteness that will catch your attention!

Ribbon girl.

More than Carrot, These two girls are the characters I also create to express the creativity and the ability to think out of the box and also to create something new!

New girl group

we naturally come together as a girl group

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