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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
CONTACT:, an artist who believes that arts could be in everywhere and accessible for everyone. She is known for her famous landscape in a style that wasn't highly finished, also focusing on texture, color and brushstroke that contain relaxing and lively vibe. Apart from that, she also draw a red hair girl who does little things about self care and relationship. Every artwork is originally hand-painted.

too busy

I’m sorry. Today I can't play with you, I’m so hooked on this tv show.

pooppy love

Poop it out! I’m ready to pick it. My daily routine that I don’t like but willing to do it because you look super cute and I love you.

love dog

Having dog by my side help ease my mind, clear a little room in my head. Everything in this particular moment is perfectly fine and I don't need anything else. I wish me and the dog could live together forever!

yoga alphabet

One day, while I was doing yoga. I found myself in a funny position that look like a L shape. That afternoon I ended up trying to do the other alphabets and take a lot of pictures.

eye exercises

During my break from work or whatever, I was always on the phone. Your eyes always looking but who is looking for your eyes. I drew this to remind myself to do eye exercises.

ease your back pain

You can hear my joint's popping. Long working hours is giving everyone some back issues. Take a break once in a while to stretch out, twist and tweak. What could I possibly do? my back is crying out loud!

you're good enough

For every moment of stress, exciting and doubtness. Pull yourself together, sit down, close your eyes and remind yourself that 'Never say I’m not good enough'

happy little things

Don’t forget to find a happiness in little things. Like smelling flowers and trying to find a little bug inside while its gradually blooming.

dog day

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DOG DAY! (26 AUG) Thanks to every dog in this world. Even though I love every one of them every day but it is a good symbolic occasion to celebrate our emotional support and fluffy best friends — no matter shapes, sizes, age and breeds *every dog should deserve a better life*

on sundays we do nothing

Everyone needs a do-nothing day to relax and heal your mental self. Especially if today is Sunday and tomorrow is our beloved Monday. I make a promise to myself that the best I can do on Sunday is nothing!


More Artwork/Merchandise: is a thai artist that well-known for her brush-stokes in a style that wasn't highly finished. She works primarily in hand paint. She has experienced with various clients like influencer, advertising agency, publication company, art and cultural museum, start-up, global-brand, local brand and independent artist. Our strength is freshness in every work. We've maintained the balance of our identity between brand, artist, and creator. We stay adaptive and resilient and avoid losing our identity when working with clients. Also, be creative! organic engagement and viral are crucial keys to supporting our social media campaign. has a belief that art can be anywhere and should be accessible to everyone. Art should be something affordable. Not only for the upper class or elite who are wealthy. We blend our artwork with everyday life products such as tote bags, hats, and bandanas. And make them in good quality but still at a reasonable price. We want people to bring them anywhere, anytime, and match them with any style.

works we can provide
- painting and design visual/artwork for commercial (KV , GWP , PRODUCT, etc)
- design the suitable workshop for public event
- promote your campaign on our social media
- having a creative team for supporting your campaign
- speaker/talk/lecturer


hugging time

stay hydrated

lazy together

push it!

take a break

take me a picture

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