/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Narsid
COUNTRY: Thailand
A teller of myth and legends. He who illustrates the human imagination of spirits and the divine.

Dance of the Moondancers

Holy men beat their drums and sing their hymns to celebrate the turning of the moon.

Divinity Drawn

To draw the power of their inner divine, one must draw of what their soul had sung.

Dream of a Dynasty

Domain, dignity, dread, and decree. All are destined to be doomed.

Fickle God

Pierced heart, bounded soul.
Wasted time borrowed from a fickle god.

Hollowed Harpy

Scream of a hollowed harpy, silence of a muted centaur.


Twisted words of turncloaks had doomed the dawn of democracy.

Kiss of the Seraphim

For the lord had created all in the light of his love, and all shall cherish in his adoration.

Lady of Radiance

All but a single tune played on an ornate carpet, and her radiance shone across the cosmos.

Last worshipper

Beneath the crumbled icon of a long-dead god, a single soul brought offering to their forgotten divinity.

The dog pope and his chalice

A dog, A pope
A chalice of the sun
A font of youth
A secret, whispered only to the cosmos.