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ARTIST: Zillustation
COUNTRY: Thailand
Zillustation is a Bangkok based illustrator specialized in detailed landscape and cityscape drawing. Most of his work are entirely inked by hand on either paper or canvas.

Zillustation have a love for landscape illustration since he was young. The detail of each tiny landmarks, drawn by only fine lines of ink. So small they need magnifying glass to see their full glory. Once step back, the map reveals a sea of human architectures. A record of life and culture, build and rebuild from a thousand years old of evolution. Landscape drawing are one such art that preserves the exact moment of history. His wish is to capture the very brief period of time he lives in into his work. An archive of art that preserve memories in a different way from photography.

Bangkok 2023

Chiangmai 2022

MRT Asoke Interchange

Unlock Ideal city Freedom city

The city is where people live together in system. Each has their own functions to drive the city's economic forward. Talent people take charge as the management to plan and smoothly drive the city onward.If the city cannot manage to that point, it remain freezing under the power and conflict of interests that governed this city. Is it time to unlock from the power that ties us to fly out. To see the city of hope and city of freedom.

Bangkok Interchange

Kaomai Wanna Map, Chiangmai

Songkla citymap

Shinjuku, Tokyo city map

Silom Interchange Station

Grand Central Terminal station,usa


More Artwork/Merchandise:

My works received an influence from the mixed between the historical map and architecture drawings using a Perspective theory to transfer the widest perspectives of the worldview map incorporated with the delicate details and complication of the city itself. My works were expressed through the slowly and exquisite micro pigment ink drawing into the picture of city map in utopia.
With my dream and travels, I have an attempt to show the nice view of livable cities. If the city has well design with continually and thorough public transportation, it would be able to heal the exhausting from work and allow us to expose to the nice experiences while travelling in the city. Thus, I have expressed the cities’ views that contain with specific identity and culture from the city plan and landscape.
With my strong inspiration and need to create the livable city, it rises the form of artwork that shows the map of beautiful travel routes that prompted to bring everyone to join into the amuse journey to discover the cities.
Although, we may consider the city as busy and chaotic place, but it have lives; it stimulates heart and creativity in us to walk toward our destination in life. Next station would be the city in dream.

Wat Chedi Luang , Chaingmai

Chiangmai is the second largest city in Thailand, This map focuses on Wat Chedi Luang is temple complex with a partially 15th-century chedi .

Bangkok citymap

This map focuses on Sathorn-Sukhumvit is the Largest Business Development Company city zone in Bangkok

Chareonkrung Rd., Kruthepmahanakhon 2023

This map focuses on Chaopraya River & Chareonkrung Road is a major road in Bangkok and the first in Thailand to be built using modern construction methods. Built during 1862–1864

Shinjuku Station, Tokyo

Shinjuku is the largest city in Japan. This map focuses on Shinjuku station, the 1th busiest station in Japan. The station hosts almost a dozen services that weave a network over the Tokyo region.

Yaowarat old, 1897

Time never moves backward. Change is moving forward.

Yaowarat ,Chianatown 2020

Time never moves backward. Change is moving forward.


SCALA Theater stand alone changes with time.

Walking changes with time.

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จีระวุฒิ เขียวมณี

Your works are very amazing. I like your visual presentation of the city.