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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Jumbojan
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi there, Jumbojan! It's great to meet you. I am a graphic designer with a passion for illustration. I often draw inspiration from retro-style graphics and mythology from around the world. Creating my own world through illustration is something I absolutely love, as it allows me to escape from reality and get lost in my imagination.

36daysoftype 2023 edition

Every year, I participate in a daily challenge with @36daysoftypes Instagram account. The rules are simple: I post a typeface design every day for 36 days in a row.

This year's design theme is old toys we miss. The fun part of this project is that there are no limits to the imagination when creating the typeface. Additionally, my designs may be featured on the @36daysoftypes Instagram page in 2023.

Los Baditos

Designing a Mural for a Restaurant

I recently worked on a mural design project for Los Bandidos Mexican Restaurant. To create the design, I drew inspiration from the art direction, mood, and tone of the 1996 film "Romeo and Juliet."

My goal was to capture the vibrancy and energy of Mexican culture, while also incorporating the romantic and dramatic elements of the movie. To achieve this, I used bold colors and dynamic shapes to create a sense of movement and excitement. I also incorporated softer, more muted tones to evoke a sense of romance and nostalgia.

Christmas Candle candle box

I drew inspiration from the classic carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas," which features a series of increasingly elaborate gifts given by a true love. I incorporated elements from the song, such as the seven swans and five rings, into my illustrations. My goal is to not only evoke the joyful celebration vibe of Christmas, but also to pay homage to a beloved holiday tradition. In addition to the swans and rings, I've included other symbolic elements that represent the season, such as holly leaves, snowflakes, and candy canes. By adding these details, I hope that consumers will not only appreciate the packaging as a festive decoration, but also as a reflection of the true spirit of Christmas.

Ps. This is a mockup project.

Ring ring goodnews is calling

I enjoy spreading positivity to people through my words. My goal is to design lettering illustrations that keep positivity alive, even in this chaotic world. One of my creations is the phrase "Ring Ring, good news is calling," which aims to cheer people up and encourage them to maintain a positive attitude in everyday life.

Good karma showcase

The company wants new illustrations for three flavors: Positive Vibrations (New England pale ale), What's Your Mantra (black lager), and Shanti (cherry sour).

The inspiration for Shanti comes from the 60s mod fashion era, while the hippie lifestyle of the 70s inspired What's Your Mantra, and the positive new age of computers in the 80s inspired Positive Vibrations. The final artworks for the beer packaging are displayed below.

PS. This is a mock brief only. The project has not be been commissioned and is in no way affiliated with Good Karma Co.

COCO Chocolatier

Create illustrated packaging for three of COCO Chocolatier's best selling chocolate bars.
I personally tend to associate flavors with certain places and moments in time. For instance, I might associate Salted Caramel (Milk Chocolate) with a modern beach bar, Passion Fruit (Dark Chocolate) with a summer festival parade, and Gin & Tonic (Dark Chocolate) with a high-end bar.

Please note: This is a mock brief only. The project has not be been commissioned and is in no way affiliated with COCO Chocolatier.

Eyes 2023

One of my favorite personal projects.


I love to explore the local Thai culture, from food (such as Mookata) to spirit houses. I enjoy adding playful and modern twists to traditional elements.

I just wanted to say that Mookata is totally my favorite meal in Thailand too! I mean, there's just something so comforting about the heat of the charcoal stove and the delicious taste of the sauce dripping down. Whenever I've had a bad day, Mookata is my go-to comfort food.

Cool Girl

Did you know that Thai dancers often perform in front of famous shrines in temples? It's a beautiful sight to see! I remember one time I saw a girl in a stunning Thai dancer dress holding a soda and wearing cool sunglasses. It was such a great contrast of pop culture and local beliefs. She looked so cool and I couldn't help but admire her!

Fancy house

I really like your idea about the spirit houses. It's true that if humans can develop modern houses, angels might be able to do so as well. Even though we can't see them, I'm sure they're living in luxury in their tiny angel houses. Keep up the good work!