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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: BlueBlurryMonday
COUNTRY: Thailand
“BlueBlurryMonday” is an artist based in Bangkok who uses Colored Pencils to draw things mostly based on her life story.
She is passionate about using colored pencils because It reminds her of her childhood.
She finds inspiration from nature , light , landscape and espectualy her life story.
BlueBlurryMonday loves telling stories.
Art is another way to communicate and express herself.
When she draw It’s like she is telling herself a story again.
She learned and grew up from drawing.
She believes in the power of the life story because we all own our own stories.

Pearl Sea

The sunlight glitters on the surface of the water.
Like a sea full of pearls.


When light hits the pearl, It’s reflected in different colors.
They're only not that white but also not too colorful.
It made the pearl look amazing and delicate at the same time.

The pearl’s color always changes depending on the light.
But the pearl is still beautiful in every moment.

Light Green

Sunlight will shine on the leaves for a while,
then disappear.
The green will turn to light green or yellow for a while,
then disappear.
Butterflies will came here for a while,
then disappear.
Things will happen for a while ,
then disappear.
We will live in this world for a while ,
then disappear.


I'm drowning in the water.
I saw only darkness and the same nightmares that hunted me down.
Even though I'm underwater.
I want to go up there but I can’t see anything.

“Follow the light”

I heard that sound from nowhere.
I try to open my eyes and follow those lights.

I woke up.

Enchanted Night

It’s a very dark and cold night.
I felt lost and hopeless to be alive.
I pray to something else in the sky.
Please help me.
I just want to be hugged,
I just want to be loved.

Suddenly when my tears touch the snow.
I looked at my feet , It’s all green.
And then the whole body was coated by the green light.
Those lights dancing in the sky.
I heard the sound of my heart beat.
Other peoples called those lights as Aurora.
But I would love to call it “ hope”.


One day I'm sleeping in my room.
Just a normal hopeless day.
It's the moment when the light shines through the window,
and I raise my hand to catch the sunlight.
I suddenly realized that I had to use my hands
to do something useful.
I felt that was the beginning of hope.


I’m naked but my heart is completely filled with hope.
I felt it in my whole body.
I’m ready to let go of all things and forgive myself.
I’m a dream.
I’m a loved.
I’m a hope for myself.

A Perfect Strom.

An illustration for a zine “ก้อนเมฆไม่ใช่ท้องฟ้า”
Written by Wanwanat Buraphadeja.

I drew this picture from the idea
“ Scary but beautiful at the same time” .


An illustration for a zine “ก้อนเมฆไม่ใช่ท้องฟ้า”
Written by Wanwanat Buraphadeja.

When I drew this picture I thought ,
“What if I can watch a sunset next to you.
I probably don't know what’s the most beautiful
between you and the sky.”

Quel che affidiamo al vento

A book cover illustration for Piccolo Publishing
Book title : “Quel che affidiamo al vento”


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Private Umbrella

Got a VIP spot.

Sense Of Hope

It wasn't just me who found those lights , But those lights find me too.


The moon represents the hope of the night.
It's not too dark but it's not too bright .
I love the night because of that.


An illustration for Thailand Coffee Fest 2023.
Concept : “GET SOME REST”
The easiest break would be to just take a moment to breathe.
Rest one's eyes , looking out the window.
Forget everything and sip your coffee slowly.

Happy Halloween

Even a Ghost Has a Sanctuary.

Happy Birthday My Housemate :)


Light is everything.

An Array Of Lights


วันนี้อาจมีรสเผ็ดเล็กน้อย 오늘은 좀 매울지도 몰라

Book cover illustration for Biblio publishing "วันนี้อาจมีรสเผ็ดเล็กน้อย (오늘은 좀 매울지도 몰라) "