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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: kitta
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello! my name is Kitta (Kitto) , I'm an artist living in Thailand, but i feel like my home comes from a distant star.

Princess of Sorrow

. . .


meow meow meow..

Tree of Life

She has no wings to fly out of here.
She didn't have the strength to fight the beast.
She didn't have legs that were big and long enough to go on a long journey.
She was a little girl lost with her family.
But she is safe here on the 'Tree of Life' with her friends.
Hopefully someday she will have the courage to follow your heart and instincts.

Blind Forest

"I dream of a world full of hope, dreaming of a journey to find the meaning of life. Even though I never wake up from my dream but I know my dreams will come true."

Pink Moon in The Backyard

Come with me, I'll take you to see the pink moon.

The Moon in Your Eyes

"I miss your eyes,
in your eyes the moon is hidden"

Once in a pink moon

"I love You, It is once in a pink moon"


Love is a feeling that has evolved along with humanity.
Love sets humans apart from other species in general.
Love is the most complex emotion that deeply affects the soul.
Love transforms the dull world into a colorful one, turning dreams into reality.
Love lies behind both success and various failures.
Love is often used as a tool by humans to hurt and destroy each other.
Love is beautiful, even though sadness often accompanies it.

However, love remains magnificent when it grows from the heart.

The Broken Land

The cycle of birth, life and death
simple and beautiful.

The Black Wings

I used to have black wings, Utill one day you guys come and change it to be colorful.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

“Light” is the origin of the images that the eyes see, but the parts not touched by light will encounter
darkness. When there is light and there are shadows, dimensions are created. “Light and shadow”
are inseparable, even though they always exist in opposite directions. The intensity of the shadow depends
on the intensity of the light. In areas where there is less light, the shadow will not be distinct.

“If you are the light, then I must be the shadow. Even though we were born together,
why do I feel… lonely?”

Until The Star Fall

The Lost Train

The Way of Light

Lonely Planet

Lonely Space

Lonely Cat

Moth Girl

Sweet Dream


Dark Cat