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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Meetmrtwo
COUNTRY: Thailand
Song Chuaynukoon. Freelance illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. Who passion about the antique toy, machines, and retro games.

The More I Live, the More I Realize

"What's the meaning of life" is a question that is like a cube of rubric puzzles I have to spend my lifetime solving it. Every time the rubric's color changes with my rotation, something in me changes alongside it as well. It's like a long journey, and I believe I will finally find the right answer one day...

In The Middle of the Milky Way


Life and passion are like a game that requires love and soul to keep playing. Sometimes I win and sometimes I also lose and get stuck...
Can I still come back and play it again? Do I still have any 💙 left to go on?


Lighting up the darkest night.


Wrath of Wolf

Mind Chamber

When you feel like losing yourself, come back to me.
Lay down and rest your mind.
In the meantime, I will heal you up, along with my sweet lullaby.

Another Purpose of Pain

Sometime, pain can become your cure.

World of Princess Minerva

The 8-bit tune played after the words "Game over" appear on the screen. The princess lost her focus on the device in her hands, noticing chaos around her.

Citizens of the Unknown land ran around preparing things, ritual-like music resonated throughout the hall and the smell of cooking spread all around.

That is because of the ceremony that is about to begin shortly.

It did not get her attention much. She looks back at the screen from the device in her hands and starts to dive deep into her world again...

Along with 8-bit music...

The Ancient BatZ

Artwork for CryptoBatZ collaboration. The NFTs project founded and creatively directed by Ozzy Osbourne