/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Tent Katchakul
COUNTRY: Thailand
Artist, Illustrator & book author based in Thailand.

Be in the rain again

Don't be afraid to start over, be out of your comfort zone
and see many wonderful new things

Part Present Part Memories

You sleep and awake
You become part of the present
but some part of you
become a distant memory

Shining city

The light of the city, which combines the technology,
beliefs and old traditions perfectly.
Many corner of big buildings, Places of fate and beliefs can
easily be found and everything co-exited seemlessly.

Shining Arts

The light of Arts which shine through the artistic and creativity
of the artists and artisans who can see beauty in things
and able to think out of the box
then combine the Arts in the past with the contemporaries and create somethings new.

Flowers bloom anywhere

In the lightest or in the darkest corners
in the opened or in the closed spaces
if there're flowers they will bloom.

Flowers Bloom Anyway

Even if no one sees them the flowers will bloom anyway.

Peace in Chaos

There's always peace resides in the chaos
just be right here, be right now with your mind and you will see

Weird City 1

We all can seem a bit weird at first glance
but with acceptance we all can co-exited.

Weird City 9

We all can seem a bit weird at first glance
but once we spend time and get used to
to each others, no one is really a stranger.

A Piece of Ocean

A Piece of Ocean that you can always take it with you
A place you always can come back
The ever lasting summer, the adventure that await.