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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Sa-ard
COUNTRY: Thailand
Sa-ard first started drawing comics when he was 9 years old in his school notebook, he then decided to fully pursue his passion to be a comic book artist in high school.

Sa-ard's first debut manga "The Man who finds his own Voice" won the silver award at the 5th International Manga Awards in Japan in 2012. Since then Sa-ard has published 11 manga stories and graphic novels winning multiple other awards along the way. His comics have been adapted into a live action series named "Good old days" airing in 2022. He has presented at the Thailand TED talk in 2020.

Sa-ard is now focusing on creating meaningful stories that create a positive social impact. His work in this area is focused on factual comic journalism, or “drawcumentaries” as he calls them. His most recent project, “HOME” has raised awareness to the ongoing issue of land and identity crisis for tribal communities in the rural north of Thailand. His other comics shed light on education, inequality, environment, welfare state/social benefits and human rights.

The Murder

In Siam, the aftermath of World War I destroyed many people's hopes. The streets are shrouded in fear because of rampant crimes.

Siamese Ghost Writer


A young, female journalist working as a shadow writer in a publishing house that is about to close due to the economic downturn. She became involved in the revolution of the Siamese commoners after meeting a group calling themselves ‘the People's Party’.

To be Continued

"As long as you are still alive, life will always allow you to start again."

The Third Hand Shop

'Third-hand Shop,' an antique store that sells items to its customers through the stories related by their former owners—entertaining, thrilling, bittersweet, and inspirational stories.

The Education of a Dreaming Can

In an educational system where every student is obliged to think and act the same way, the school becomes a factory manufacturing tin-canned students to feed their labour into the industry. The Education of A Dreaming Can tells the story of a tin-canned boy that aspires to be a comic writer as he struggles to survive in the Thai education system and gains previous life lessons along the way.

Lifetime Poetry

Comic vibe from the graphic novel "Let Love Be A Lifetime Poetry".

Lonely Kaiju

A monster who is fighting with the winter and its loneliness in Tokyo.

Welcome to The Jungle

A gorilla lives in the jungle with its guitar, waiting for someone who comes to listen to the greatest rock song in the world.

The Man Who Finds His Own Voice

A man with no musical skills drops everything in his life to become a professional musician. Competitive eaters muster the strength from their deepest wounds to get through a fermented-fish pizza eating competition. A young boy aspires to become a world-famous comedian, but barks up the wrong tree with martial arts training. A middle-aged woman running a comic book rental shop while pursuing her dream of becoming a manga artist. A football player recalls his childhood joy of playing football, as he is about to strike the free kick that would bring Thailand into the World Cup.

Sa-ard’s debut comic book and winner of Japan’s 5th International Manga Award, The Man Who Finds His Own Voice comprises five charming stories about each character’s reckless attempts to make their dreams come true while living their everyday lives. Through Sa-ard’s storytelling, these seemingly individual journeys overlap through coincidences and convergences of fate, hinting at the influences we may have on each other but are generally unaware of while we doggedly pursue our own paths. This collection comes with an appendix that reveals Sa-ard’s thought-process behind his first comic book, as well as depicting himself as the 6th character — a comic artist struggling to make his dreams come true with a career that barely feeds — and the hard work that tested his true grit and passion.