/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Pnk.ff
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi, Nice to meet you! My name is Froyd. I'm a Bangkok-based illustrator who is interested in animals and vivid color palettes, especially dogs. Most of my works come in a friendly and humorous style.

The perfect spot

80 x 100 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Out of your sight

60 x 80 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Can I be your friend?

80 x 100 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Life is better with Coffee

Set of 3
100 x 100 cm
Acrylic on canvas

I love my job

I can't hate you

Acrylic on wood
50 x 50 cm

Not my dogs

Risograph print
297 mm x 420 mm

Summer Club

ฺีBusy now

Acrylic on wood
55 x 70 cm

Bark at Bask


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Sundae 01

Love you everyday

Christmas box for Central Department Store

Badass that I love sculpture

Casetify x BKKDSW x Pnk.ff

Gconic x Pnk.ff

Sundae 02