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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: mntttk
COUNTRY: Thailand
Manita is an illustrator and graphic designer. She currently working at a media company. She loves to work with vivid colors and Her works are inspired by her daily life such as the people that she met, the work that she does, the place that she travels to, and the feeling that she feels.

2023: Being Longlisted for World Illustration Awards 2023 in the Exploration category

Reading by the window

I usually don't draw buildings that much. So I try to draw it for practice. This painting made me learn about light and shadow. The result of the picture is very satisfying for me.

Everyone has their own stories

This illustration is caused by the idea that everyone has their own story. So I compare people looks like a book that have different stories.


It's the first time that I have gone to Tokyo. I'm very excited about this city even this normal corner. The light and the shadow are very gorgeous.

Jazz Bar

Usually, I'm not into Jazz music that much but one day I went to a Jazz bar with my friends and I really enjoyed the music so I decided to draw this picture to record my feelings.

Boiler room

Last year I went to Mahorasop Festival in Thailand. There is a Boiler room that takes over the stage. They open techno music and the thing that I like the most is the audience can go on the stage and dance into the back with the DJ.

Gain without pain

I received the brief to draw an illustration for an article about Can we gain without pain?


I like the atmosphere of izakaya. People are talking after work with very good beer.

Still here Still life challenge

During the covid 19, I participated Stillhere Stilllife challenge. This challenge made me practices my skill and discover new techniques. Colors that have never been used and this is the most favorite picture.

70's office

I'm interested in furniture and geometric patterns in the 70's era which are very unique colors and shapes.

Moo-joom club

Moo Joom is one of the street foods in my country. I like this food a lot because It has a variety of flavors and It's delicious when you eat it with other Isaan dishes. Most people eat Moo Joom in groups because they can eat more variety of food. Eating gatherings lead to some kind of set up club sense. therefore set up as a Moo Joom club.