/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi, My name is ART. I've just been promoted from a fourth-year university student to an unemployed. Lertalan is an illustrator from Thailand BKK. I make artwork about the world inside my head and I like cookies.

Chaotic Embrace

Somehow I really miss these chaos.

Liberate after thesis

Want to express my freedom after the thesis project but a concern shows up instead.

A bathtub full of plant

Maybe too much water.


Not that good

Bad habit of smiling

I have this bad habit of smiling at the worst time possible.

Looking up to myself

A kid look up to the top of the mountain ahead of him "Is that really who I was? Shining and ambitious, how far from myself?"
A kid speaking to himself with misgiving.
I'm afraid, Afraid that I couldn't be as shine on that mountain as I used to, I don't want to let myself down"

Mossy face

Can't hide what is written on my face.

What's today gonna offer?

Every time the sun shows up beyond the horizon, A weird-looking machine will offer me a suspicious ball of mystery. and the ball will disappear when the moon takes over.

Time traveler

Ain't no past nor period of time, surroundings become just hypothetical. remain only where my heart facing. Drive down into the infatuated and eternal cadence.

Lost in the process

I keep on walking but forget where I'm heading.


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