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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: BlueCiiel
COUNTRY: Thailand
Illustrator and graphic designer based in Bangkok, Thailand.
I aways seeking the way to explore and reflect human being in many aspect, whether the spiritual way or a normal daily life. Through the combination of simple line and color.



Desire to reach that freeness, but still enjoy being attached to this self.



Having a pinch of courage to face self-reflection to become completed, like a petal that slowly bloom to become a flower.



Everything is fine until it’s not.
Bad day doesn’t have to be lots of tears.
It’s just a day that no any clothes left in the wardrobe when you come back from work at 9 p.m.

grandma and that cat

Since 2021 (grandma and the duck) grandma still being bothered by her pets.

Khao Kheow Monkey

There are many interesting signs at Khoa kheaow Open Zoo, like ‘Beware! Monkeys could throw a rock on you.’ or ‘Beware! The peacock will hit your cars (also mirror in the toilet)’. Those sound a little bit scary, but I found it's actually funny and abnormal to see in daily life.

saturday afternoon

if ยาย can, you can!

I want to encourage people who is always sitting and working all day to get some exercise. So I've chose some useful and easy yoga poses then present it by ยาย character ('yaai' means grandmother in Thai) to point out that everyone can exercise.


More Artwork/Merchandise:


Illustration for book cover
猫のお告げは樹の下で (Neko No Otsuge Wa Ki No Shita De)
By Michiko Aoyama
Everyone in the story are living their own life and fate, but their thing in common is they are having a problem or struggling with something and one day Miguchi, the cat shows up and give them a Tarayo leaf that have a kind of life prediction on it.
This concept of ‘a thing in common’ turns in to the visual storytelling, 8 leaves merge together and become a way to each goal in their life.

ผู้เขียน มิจิโกะ อาโอยามะ

จากแนวคิดที่ว่า ทุกคนในเรื่องต่างก็มีชีวิตและโชคชะตาเป็นของตัวเอง แต่มีจุดร่วมกันตรงที่ได้รับคำทำนายบนใบไม้จากเจ้าแมวมิกุจิ
จึงพัฒนาสู่ภาพที่ใบไม้ทั้ง 8 วางเชื่อมกันเป็นทางเดินสู่จุดหมายของแต่ละคน

มุงิโมโตะ ซัมโปะ อย่างน้อยวันนี้ฉันก็มีสิ่งที่ชอบ

Illustration for book cover
麦本三歩の好きなもの (Mugimoto Sanpo no Suki na Mono)
By Yoru Sumino

มุงิโมโตะ ซัมโปะ อย่างน้อยวันนี้ฉันก็มีสิ่งที่ชอบ
ผู้เขียน ซูมิโนะ โยรุ


My first time with risograph printing. I decided to use a combination of fluorescent colors to present a contradiction between shyness and bravery in the work.

Your working buddy

It's also my first time printing on fabric.
The work was printed on cotton canvas to hang next to your work space and being you friend when you are working.

holiday season