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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Ping Sasinan
COUNTRY: Thailand
Ping Sasinan is a Thai illustrator and comic artist based in Bangkok. They like to explore large ideas through surrealism and elaborate stories that are personal and meaningful. Their works often meld mythologies and folk lores of both the eastern and western's, in order to recreate, reshape and reinterpret themselves into something new.

Smoke & Mirror

Behind the disoriented nature of your beautiful Smoke and Mirror, would your love be true, for the world would not see us as real.

Shaped like a Floral Vase, Triangle is a Dream

An illustration inspired by a song "Feeling Like a Woman Lately" by Noso. The illustration depicted my deepest desire as a Trans-nonbinary person to achieve the ideal body, yet limited by my gender assigned at birth.

The Magician

Wisdom and insight will guide you to the transformation of self rediscovery but with a price. For the trueself to be defined, one must sacrifices some of their most treasure part away.

The Groovy Lovers

Love & Danger
The Long past idealism of the 70's

Before the Curtain Calls: Cover

A cover of Before the Curtain Calls, a 12-pages comic about the dream of past life. The story explores the myth centered on traditional femininity through the lenses of nostalgia deeply rooted in what defines Thai culture. Beneath the facade of modernity, technology and politics, ones who were born as female are powerless against the gift of creation, thus what it takes to break through those burdens?

Before the Curtain Calls: Fertility

A page from the comic Before the Curtain Calls, The Question to womanhood as we associate gift of creation as the one and most important aspect for ones who are born as woman. There is comfort in knowing the nature of life as we were told: to be a bride, a wife, a mother and a grand mother. Yet why does it feel so suffocated?

At Dusk We Meet Again

A page from my original short story from At Dusk We Meet Again. A queer love story between 2 woman from past life who are crossing path again through destiny in the realm of life after death; where the tiger spirit (เสือสมิง) is waiting for her lover to reincarnate and die for that is the only way they will meet again.

A Girl With A Horse Face: Acceptance

A page from story, Girl With A Face of A Horse (แก้วหน้าม้า), a comic rendition of Thai fantastical folktale that centers the body at the heart of social transformation, as a part of the project 9 Folk Tales initiated by Metabolic Modules. Starting from questioning to the constraints of language, law, and imagination that dictates whose bodies matter and whose do not, the story itself also aims to direct attention of current flaw system and envision a livable future for all.

Ouroboros: Into the Threshold of Death

A page from original comic, Ouroboros, a 131 pages surreal, sci-fi fantasy comic that explores the nuance in our sense of self, morality and death through the story of Nisha, a dead astronaut, finding her way back to life. In this page, it renders the process of the protagonist's death as she lose the sense of her purpose in existence, questioning if all would be obsolete.

Outside: Today You Have To Be...

A page from short comic, Outside, a riso prints zine examined the concept of outside through one's desperate attempt to be accepted, and its process of self acceptance through harsh,
warped lens of self hatred. This page reflects my memory of attending a highly strict and conservative all girl school which manifested a paranoia and anxiety to embody the “perfect girl.”


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Night of Celebration

A 28x28cm gauche illustration depicts the surreal reinterpretation of a joyous conversation in a quiet bar

Floral Vase, Triangle Dream

A colored illustration inspired by a song "Feeling Like a Woman Lately" by Noso. The illustration depicted my deepest desire as a Trans-nonbinary person to achieve the ideal body, yet limited by my gender assigned at birth.

*+~Welcome Back Online~(=`ω´=)~.exe

Welcome Back Online is an artwork inspired by the nostalgic childhood of the 2000’s. Telling the quirky and innocent view of a digital landscape, it captures an optimistic and fantastical feeling of a child realizing the digital world of their own imagination in a long past cyberspace.