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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Parn Poparisuth (b.1997) comes from a Thai-Chinese family residing in Chinatown of Bangkok. Through her art, Poparisuth explores gender and sexuality in modern Thai culture and contemporary literature. Her works revolve around ideas of womanhood as well as responsibilities and burdens that women are forced to shoulder as her roles multiply from being just a daughter to also a sister, a wife, and a mother, all at once.

She Has No Tears

She is a mermaid.
She is of water but has no tears, not even a single drop, not yet. In the endlessness of the ocean she wishes she could bawl her eyes out and let her pain echo. But mermaids only dissolve into tear and seafoam at the end of their insufferable times and thus the sea rise up a little.

In Her War Against Dust, Stains, Mud, and Dirt

Makaliporn (มักกะลีผล) is a recurrently depicted mythical sex doll, an insentient target of lustful male of all creatures. A voluptuous female bore from a fruit tree, sometimes she is used as part of a tactic to distract the opponent into sexual indulgence. With no autonomy, she remains struggling over the most basic rights over her own skin.

Loveless City

What if Madanabadha (มัทนะพาธา) was reborn in the modern time where being loveless is acceptable? She can love and she can also not love. She can be true to her heart, to love without worry and to be loveless without consequence.

Sweet Revenge

Minding its own business but still got decapitated at the end for being seemingly vicious, what have the black cat done wrong? What have the Medusa done wrong? Perhaps it was just karma from their previous lives coming to collect what was due.


Under the sunlight, Krasue (กระสือ) remains within the domestic domain and as ‘a woman’. But at night, she, a sinful creature, would leave her body to carefreely wander the night with her dangling guts and intestine out to feast on putrid matters to her heart's content. At daybreak she would wipe out bloody gunk and return to her perfect feminine facade, concealing away her deep dark desire.

Ghost City

The city is so dazzling and lively, people from all over gather.
The city is so menacing and gnarly, you fall and they tread over.
The city with well-hidden savagery, you call and no one answers.
The city attends and spectates silently, another sacrifice to slaughter.

Broken Wing

A concrete jungle where tropical vegetation are propagated, and propagandized in the name of modernity. Within the urban heat island, green foliage is supposed to be a sustainable redemption that would bless the neighborhood, but does this one really sufficiently provide for the greenery to thrive?


A vacant room in a magnificent structure, it is neither occupied or exposed. Satisfied to bathe in the sun and take pleasure in the seasons with oneself, she makes a room of her own.


Woman and nature parallels.
In one another’s presences, they find solace and comfort, until the arrival of a third entity.
Will the newcomer be worthy of their endless generosity? Will this nurturing be the end of theirs?

Flower Vases For My Friend

Why gift your loved one with a bouquet of flowers when you can arrange them a delightful composition of flowers and other equally winsome pleasantries?