/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: kwnzrr
COUNTRY: Thailand
I'm Kwnzrr, an illustrator who creates captivating artworks that depict the journey of young girls in search of their identity. With each brushstroke, I articulate moments of profound introspection, imaginative exploration, and contemplation. Complemented by the act of travel, vintage elements, 80s, curiosity, self-love and boundless imagination, they invite viewers to embark on mesmerizing journeys through the wondrous worlds born from my thoughts.

I am Kwnzrr, an artist who transforms ideas into imaginative drawings.

New room in old house

I believe that the process of growing up can be likened to discovering a new room within the familiar confines of one's own home. It is an intimate journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. In this journey, I have come to understand that I can embrace and cherish every facet of my being. This transformation is akin to the shedding of old layers, much like the molting of insects, and the rejuvenation of every cell in my being. It is a continuous cycle of renewal and self-love, where I am constantly evolving and embracing the beauty of my own existence.

Smell of book

I have an insatiable desire to while away my days ensconced within the comforting embrace of a library, embarking on fantastical journeys through the realms of literature. the enchanting allure of ink's fragrance! It is as though I am smitten, hopelessly in love with the very essence of words, forever captured in those ink drops


On a rainy night, I yearn to step outside and relish the rain without worry. The pitter-patter of raindrops is a soothing lullaby, inviting me to shed life's burdens. I crave the purity of rain, a return to childlike wonder. To walk in the rain unburdened is to rediscover innocence and simplicity, cleansing both body and spirit. Rain offers solace, reminding me that amidst life's chaos, joy can be found in its gentle embrace


In some distant era, I hold the hope of embarking on a cosmic dance amidst the stars, all the while gazing upon the unfolding possibilities woven within the tapestry of countless universes.


I discovered my inner strength and tranquility through the art of patient waiting in the depths of obscurity. In the pitch-blackness of life's challenges, I realized that my greatest power lay in the ability to remain composed and mindful, biding my time until I was fully prepared and capable of surmounting adversity

Simple joy

In the realm of summer, the very air becomes a fragrant poem. The smell of sunshine, adorned with the gentle tinkling of wind chimes, weaves a tapestry of warmth and rebirth. It's a blend of earthy soil, blooming flowers, sun-kissed stones, and the whispering leaves of trees, all accompanied by the melodious chime of the breeze. This scent evokes a longing for life's simple joys.

Moon night

On those luminous nights when the moon shines brightly, I am compelled to gather these celestial moments as cherished mementos, reminders of the enchanting nights I have so gracefully inhabited.

Summer hell

In the scorching heat, as intense as a raging fire, I yearn to meld with the very essence of the air and the natural world. I long to immerse myself in their presence, to fathom the profound sensations and emotions they embody, seeking a profound connection with the elemental forces of nature.

Me and I

This is me, observing the vast realm of possibilities that lie before me, while my physical form seems as malleable as a doll, awaiting my creative intent to shape and mold it according to my desires and aspirations.

Other me

I have often contemplated the notion that I need not expend excessive effort trying to conform to the standards set by others in order to lead a fulfilling life. Throughout my own journey, I have come to realize that I can indeed live a meaningful and worthwhile life on my own terms, irrespective of societal expectations or judgments. It is not contingent upon what I am or am not, but rather rooted in the authenticity of my own experiences and the pursuit of what brings me genuine happiness and fulfillment.