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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Projek SembangSembang
COUNTRY: Malaysia
Hello! We are Projek SembangSembang coming all the way from Malaysia 🇲🇾

We are a happy team made of a merchandise maker, a dreamy designer and a witty writer as we create quirky, relatable art for you to adore. You may identify us through our signature look of contemporary pop illustrations with funky handmade font, you won’t get elsewhere.

Our product line extends from paper; postcards, posters, stickers, planners and wearable ones too like t-shirts and totebags.

All of them are exclusively designed and made by Projek SembangSembang - quality fun guaranteed!

Map-ling Street

A map of the famous street in Kuala Lumpur - with plenty of exciting place worth to visit, and more food landmarks to try. Get down at MRT Pasar Seni to enjoy yourself a worthy Kuala Lumpur adventure!

One Super Big Happy Family

We are all one super big happy family living in Malaysia - happily! Our signature terms of endearment for each other aren’t limited among blood-related families. We call our neighbour ‘aunty’, our local food provider ‘boss’ and stranger we just got to know on the bus ‘sister’. Malaysian feels all over, Malaysia represent!

Our City

An (almost) perfect resemblance of what Malaysia is - from the flag, to the twin towers, old chinese shophouses and we’ve got Orang Utan from across the sea. Too many things to see, too many things to get to know here in our city.

Map of Merlimau

One of the many quaint towns of Malaysia you can find down south - with too many things to indulge, not sure if you have the time for it! Historical buildings and houses turned into museums, different architecture of mosques, food - of course, food is a must, and you won’t expect to see a small island one boat ride away.

Setem Burung (Bird Stamp)

It costs only 0.90 Ringgit Malaysia or 6THB to send a postcard to anyone, anywhere around the world - including to Shah Rukh Khan, world’s No 1 Bollywood actor! In an effort to promote postcard sending and giving, here’s a message for all - it’s too affordable so why not you try it too.

Lou Hei Lou Hei (Chinese New Year)

That toss up and low, of a Malaysian kind of Chinese New Year celebration - here is your guide on what to have on your big platter so you will get the best new year ahead!

Deepavali Valthukkal

We don’t have enough public holidays in Malaysia - as we celebrate every family’s happy day - and of course, the Indian auspicious celebration of Deepavali is never excluded. Deepavali Valthukkal!

Berita Gembira (Good News)

We will keep on celebrating the colourful you and me and them and us that make our home what it is. That makes our nation - a Malaysia!

Dam Ular (Snakes & Ladders)

Our rendition of locally played snakes & ladders board game that we designed to be played together with family and friends during Eid-Fitr - another celebration not to miss if you are in Malaysia. The celebration goes on and on and on, from getting ready to preparing best meals and visiting family members we haven’t seen for awhile.

Melaka Beca (Trishaw Bicycle)

Visit Melaka - a city located in southern peninsula Malaysia, and you shouldn’t miss a chance to ride on our famous vibrant trishaws. Best to do at night for cool weather and bling-bling lightings shining through the streets!