/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Sawasdee, everyone! I'm KOONG, an architect by day, and an artist by night. Through my art, I focus on sharing stories of gay love, aiming to inspire the belief that everyone deserves love regardless of who they are and to capture the beauty of everyday moments.
When it comes to character design, I value the diversity in body shapes, whether between slim and larger individuals or tall and short people. These contrasts contribute to distinctive moments within relationships and add an endearing quality. My paired characters showcase clear physical distinctions, allowing them to truly shine. This emphasis on diversity enhances the authenticity and charm of their love story.

Summer Day

Nothing beats chilled watermelon during the hot season.

A Perfect Day

Only spending a leisurely day reading books together can be an exceptionally wonderful day.

Private Pillow

Let me be your private pillow.

Private Handle

Let me be your private handle.

New Year Eve

The most fun thing for us to do on New Year's Eve is sleep.

A Day with Gamer

You have your controller, and I have my books.


During times when life is nothing but chaos and the relentless pursuit of unnecessary things, we simply yearn for someone to tell us to take a break and just live an incredibly ordinary life together.

Mu Kratha Gang

The most effective way to bring friends together.

Self Hug

The two ways to cheer up yourself.

The Touch

The touch that brings color to this world.