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ARTIST: Little Putin
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi My name is Pum and LittlePutin is my pen name. I'm a Thai girl Artist who love drawing cute character like Pikarin gofki and gifko my Enigmatic Bubble of Magic and Two charming seals.
"Pikarin: The Enigmatic Bubble of Magic, A Gourmet on a Quest"

Meet Pikarin, a mysterious and magical little bubble who possesses a voracious appetite for all things edible. Joining Pikarin on their epic culinary adventure are two charming seals, Gifko, a female seal with an uncle-like demeanor, and Gofki, an endearing and sweet male seal. Together, this trio's primary mission is to embark on a global quest in search of delicious food.

Their journey took them far and wide, traversing continents and cultures, but it was in Thailand, the land of perpetual gastronomic delights, that their taste buds truly came alive. Pikarin, ever the magical being, used their tears to conjure up ink and meticulously recorded the enchanting food experiences that left a lasting impression on their heart and soul.

With each drop of ink used to document these remarkable moments, Pikarin immortalized the flavors and aromas that had captured their senses. Thailand had cast a spell on this adventurous trio, leaving them eager to continue their epic journey across the globe in search of more mouthwatering discoveries.

As Pikarin, Gifko, and Gofki set off to their next destination, they carried with them the essence of Thailand's vibrant food culture, forever etched in their hearts and their cherished food journal.

Papaya Salad

"Papaya Salad" - A Northeastern Thai Delight Loved Across the Nation

Originating from the northeastern region of Thailand but enjoyed throughout the country, "Papaya Salad," or "Som Tum" in Thai, is a refreshing and flavorful salad made from shredded green papaya. The papaya is meticulously pounded in a mortar to achieve a slightly crushed texture, allowing the seasonings to infuse thoroughly.

Papaya salad comes in various kinds, and you can pick your favor. "Som Tum Thai" is an excellent choice for those new to spicy foods, as it offers a mild yet harmonious blend of sweet and sour flavors. Its orange hue comes from dried shrimp and palm sugar, and you can customize the spiciness level to your liking.

This dish is often paired with sticky rice, grilled chicken, pork neck, or fresh vegetables, making it a versatile and delightful treat. The mere thought of it might make your mouth water, as I'm sure mine is while writing this message!

Mango Sticky Rice

"Mango Sticky Rice" - The Ultimate Dessert Popular as a Post-Main Course Treat

One of the most sought-after dessert choices to follow your main course, particularly among young tourists and foreigners, is the delightful "Mango Sticky Rice." The mango variety chosen for this delicacy is the one that offers a perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess when ripe and has a luscious yellow hue.

Before indulging in this Thai dessert, there's a unique ritual to enhance the experience. Start by drizzling a generous amount of coconut milk over the mango slices and sticky rice. Close your eyes and take a bite. The contrast between the rice's stickiness, the mango's sweetness, and the subtle saltiness of the coconut milk might just transport you to a paradise amid the tropical heat. You may even imagine you're seeing the gates of heaven, with angels and halos around your head.

This delightful treat encapsulates the essence of Thai cuisine – a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that leaves you craving for more. So, if you find yourself in Thailand, make sure to join the long queues at local food stalls for a taste of this heavenly Mango Sticky Rice.

Stir-fried crispy pork with holy basil

"Stir-fried crispy pork with holy basil," also known as "Pad Ka Prao Moo Krob," is the most basic and go-to dish for many Thais when they can't decide what to order. It's a favorite because it's not only delicious but also quick and easy to cook, making it perfect for a fast lunch break.

The delightful aroma of holy basil leaves adds a refreshing touch to every bite, while the spiciness awakens the taste buds. The highlight of this dish is the crispy pork. It's crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It's seasoned with ingredients like oyster sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, and a pinch of sugar to create a harmonious balance of flavors.

"Pad Ka Prao Moo Krob" is a popular choice for those who are just starting to cook and is enjoyed by people of all ages. It taste is undeniably fantastic, making it a culinary staple that never goes out of style.

Khao Soi

Khao Soi is a type of noodle dish originating from the northern region of Thailand. While its name might suggest rice, it's actually a noodle-based dish. Khao Soi has crispy fried noodles served with a rich and aromatic curry soup. It is usually enjoyed with chicken drumsticks and garnished with fresh herbs. The dish is known for its vibrant and appealing colors.

Tom Yom Goong

Tom Yum Goong, a globally renowned dish, is enough to evoke the essence of Thailand just by hearing its name. It has strong flavor with chili paste, fresh chili, a touch of saltiness from fish sauce, and the aromatic blend of Thai herbs like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and shallots. It offers both nutritious and medicinal. Of course, the dish wouldn't be complete without the star ingredient: shrimp. Tom Yum Goong must have "goong" (shrimp); otherwise, it would be called something else.

Unexpectedly, a little of fresh milk is added to mellow the shrimp's stinking smell and help reduce the spiciness of soup. It's best to eat with hot steamed rice and cola

P.S. Lime should not be added while cooking, as it might make the soup bitter.

Bua Loy

Bua Loy is another type of Thai dessert known for its aroma and the sweetness of coconut milk, which is signature of Thai sweets. No matter how much you eat, it's never enough. These small, round dumplings come in various colors, created by kneading glutinous rice flour with different vegetables. For sample, purple is derived from taro, yellow from pumpkin, and green from pandan leaves. Some recipes use food coloring as well. Another essential ingredient is boiled eggs. Sometimes, they may also contain added pieces of taro, pumpkin, or coconut flesh to enhance the eating experience. It's best enjoyed while still warm, especially on a chilly day, However, it's advisable not to indulge in them every day to avoid gaining weight!

Thong Yib Thong Yod Foi Thong

Thong Yib, Thong Yod, and Foi Thong are ancient Thai dessert with Portuguese origins, made from easy to find ingredients such as egg yolks and sugar, and flavored with aromas of jasmine water. Marie Guimar (half Japanese - Portuguese) held a government position and created these traditional desserts during the Ayutthaya period.

Thong Yib was inspired by Trouxas de ovos, while Thong Yod from the recipe of Ovos moles. As for Foi Thong, in Portuguese it is Fios de ovos. These desserts have a very sweet taste and are best enjoyed with a cup of tea.

Khanom Krok

"Khanom Krok is a Thai dessert made primarily from glutinous rice flour, rice flour, and coconut milk. The mixture is poured into small pit on a griddle and then topped with ingredients such as scallions, corn, sweet potato, or taro. It's patiently cooked until it becomes crispy on the outside tender on the inside. The simple delightful combination of aromatic and sweetness, all in one bite, disappears in no time."

Pad Thai

"Pad Thai is a renowned Thai dish that has earned a global reputation, and it's a must-try for visitors from around the world. Its flavor profile is a delightful blend of sourness from tamarind sauce, sweetness from palm sugar, and a touch of saltiness from fish sauce. These flavors harmoniously come together with stir-fried noodles, all created through the intense heat of a pan. A final squeeze of lime adds a scented and mild sourness, stimulating the taste buds and leaving a lasting impression."

Thai Tea

"Thai tea, a refreshing orange-hued beverage served over ice, boasts a unique aromatic essence that entices people to savor its flavor. With its sweetness providing a burst of energy and the caffeine derived from tea leaves, it promises to brighten up your day. Indulge in this delightful brew and embrace the joy of another beautiful day."


อรุษ ตันตสิรินทร์

Cute and yummy! Nice sense of design in comic style. Pikarin is an interesting character.