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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Hey Mady!
COUNTRY: Philippines
Hey Mady! is an illustrator and graphic designer who specializes in visual storytelling using black & white urban architectural lines to portray the mundane aspects of life in every piece of her artwork, which is characterized by her attention to the smallest details to tell a compelling narrative.

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese media culture particularly the Studio Ghibli films, being influenced by Hayao Miyazaki's nostalgic & whimsical approach as well as reading series of manga, she continuously contributes to a number of brands without compromising the essence of humanity to connect with the audience through her work as a designer. Meanwhile, she immerses the viewers into her creations with her style as an illustrator. Her work as a designer and illustrator evokes solitude and captures the modern day urban living in her art.

Painter In The Sky

Painter in the Sky (2022) is an illustration depicting an art collector who journeyed up into the mountains to meet a painter, eager to learn more about his works, his creative process, and his life. The travel wasn't easy; the road was steep and unpaved, which the painter constantly apologized for when he had visitors. However, what others failed to appreciate, the art collector was able to take in: the majestic views along the way.

“I hope you didn’t have a hard time coming up here,” he said, setting aside the canvas to make room for his visitors.

“What do you mean? The view on the way up here was amazing.”


“You’re like a painter in the sky.”

“Painter in the sky…I like that.”

Spring of 1912 and 2021

Spring of 1912 and 2021 (2022) is an illustration of the timelessness of an artist's work. It tells the story of a former studio transformed into a small cafe for hikers and lost tourists. The narrative revolves around an art enthusiast who stumbled upon the cafe during one of his hikes. There, he recognized one of the few paintings hanging on the wall as the work of a late artist. Astonishingly, he was able to witness the very same view that had inspired the painting, a hundred years later.

Jun, Yun and the Florist

A Floral Shop by the Sea: Jun, Yun, and the Florist (2022) revolves around the florist's pets: a dog named Jun and a cat named Yun, who help the florist deliver flowers around the neighborhood. It serves as a preview to 'The Great Adventures of Jun and Yun' series.

The Great Adventures of Jun and Yun

A simple and light-hearted story, The Great Adventures of Jun and Yun (2023) is a 4-part series in which Jun and Yun go on adventures to deliver fresh flowers to their neighborhood.

Jun and Yun's Neighborhood

As part of The Great Adventures of Jun and Yun, the illustrations highlight one of the many places in the neighborhood to which Jun and Yun deliver flowers.

Wild Flower Bookstore

As a subpart of the Jun, Yun, and the Florist series, Wild Flower Bookstore is a store that sells an amalgamation of literature, from books to self-published works by locals in the neighborhood. Wild Flower Bookstore has been passed down from generation to generation, providing a blend of the old and the new.

On A Friday Night

On A Friday Night is a celebration. Tapping into that feeling of excitement and relief whenever we get to eat our comfort food. A reward we give to ourselves for a job well done.

The Cat With A Red Ribbon

Inspired by a scene from the beloved movie 'Kiki's Delivery Service,' our modern adaptation takes a whimsical twist.

Midnight Diner

A tribute to my favorite series, Midnight Diner. At first glance, the diner looks rundown, likely from the years it has served countless customers who have come and gone. Yet, it remains unchanged; it doesn't pretend to be something it's not. Whether you like it or not is up to you.

Entering the diner invokes a sense of nostalgia, like returning home to a place you're intimately familiar with.

What I particularly appreciate about the story and characters is their ordinariness. Most of the time, they're just regular people from different walks of life seeking refuge on nights when they need company or simply crave affordable comfort food. It is what it is, much like how we navigate life.

It's a reminder that some days in our lives might not be spectacular, that there are moments we tend to overlook as mundane. Yet, when we reflect, these seemingly ordinary moments often become the ones that bring a nostalgic smile to our faces.

The Cat Returns

Inspired by a scene from the movie 'The Cat Returns.'