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ARTIST: chuthings
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hi there! My name is Lin from Bangkok, Thailand and I am currently studying Master's in visual brand design in Italy. I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries in Europe and Asia and have discovered that I have a strong passion for observing the small details of people's cultures, foods, and cities. Each place I visit has its own unique identity and I love visualizing those impressive scenes.

People in Harajuku

I can vividly picture a famous street in Tokyo, bustling with people from all over the world, each bringing their own unique charm to the atmosphere captured in my film photograph.

Train to Hakone

Experience the authentic vibe of riding the train to Hakone alongside locals donning traditional Japanese attire.

Tokyo bowls

Enjoy a classic Japanese rice bowl with fresh seafood, accompanied by hot miso soup and green tea, while taking in the vibrant colors of Tokyo.

Tiny coffee truck in Hakone

On my way to enjoy the natural scenery in Hakone, I stumbled upon a small coffee shop inside a tiny truck.

Muji cafe Tokyo

I drew this sketch while taking a break at the Muji cafe in Tokyo.

Candy shop in market hall Budapest

One of my obsessions is observing shop fronts and window shopping. When I visited the market hall in Budapest, I was impressed by the wonderful candy shop. The shop was full of local and colorful candy, and I was also impressed by the attention to detail in the store's design.

Festive tram during Christmas in Budapest

Last Christmas, I spent four days in Budapest. Despite the cold weather, the city's trams were decorated with beautiful Christmas decor. It's a wonderful time of year to celebrate with others in public spaces.

Museum people

As a museum explorer, one of my favorite things to do is observe the people who spend time in the museum. Some visitors stare at the artwork, while others take photos or read every sentence in the art's explanation. I highly recommend this as a fun activity if you want to observe human behavior in a quiet atmosphere.

Seafood time

When my family and I had dinner together, I sketched out a Thai seafood menu featuring shrimp fried rice, fried fish, fresh oysters, and crab with Thai seafood sauce.


This is my first art piece after exploring and experimenting with various illustration styles and colors.


อรุษ ตันตสิรินทร์

Lovely work. Getting to see the artist's signature here. Eager to see more.

จีระวุฒิ เขียวมณี

Interesting, very cute and full of life energy.