/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: ivan
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello! This is ivan. My work usually runs on human figures and creatures inspired by mythology, culture, and sci-fi fiction. Currently, I am taking 2D digital illustration as the first step in exploring the technique of making Art and storytelling.


When thoughts are too loud and heavy enough, they turn against us. However, the triumph is on the side that makes better control — whether to calm your mind and dump the burden thoughts away or plunge the negativity back.


two twin cats staring at a school of fish swimming inside the tank wait... are they also inside the tank?

Midnight Moth

Like a tell of Cinderella, when midnight comes, the moth shapeshifts back to its true form.

Dream of Thousand Teeth

It suddenly became my mutual fear, getting lost with numerous teeth surrounding me.

Never on cinema 'Dream of the Thousand Teeth'

Beheaded EROS

Eros, the Greek god of love and desire strikes the love arrow into the target's heart in order to match a couple. While people desperately seek love, they are eager enough to direct their stories.

Eyes on the Crown

Hostile, tense, voracious, disgusted — a reflection of people on the majestic metal placed on whoever head


Without a head, aren't we made to be fragile and breakable living things?

The sun, the Moon, the Star

Day and night are just a dog taking turns swallowing the sun and the moon.

A Swarm

The experiment piece of 2d digital painting with the 3D program for lighting and turbulent background.


The Illustration banner from the art toy project mine, Stellarian, this creature is called 'the wild jumper.' The farer zooms across the forest with its strong 6 limbs, shiny backscale, and peculiar pair of horns.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

The fisher

Perceiving the god of the ocean as a fisherboy, nurture and nourish the marine lives