/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: nnene.iie
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello! This is nnene.iie, an illustrator/ designer, based in Bangkok, Thailand. She is so very into drawing with black pen on paper, as well as exploring various techniques of illustrations.

My Love for Cafe

Cafe is always my favorite place to get things done, since it's ambience, since somehow, all the white noise always makes me focus. With lots of time spending in the place, this artwork is drawn.


A part of my personal sketchbook about fruits exploration.

Fat Mug Collection

A poster about imaginative fat mugs, with commercial logos.

Anatomy of Emotion

A zine about how emotions can be explained through the visuals of biological anatomy. The zine contains 4 spread, explaining from how stage of grief can be explained through the visuals of skin layers, to types of emotions are metaphor to parts of human body.


A collection of bonsai illustration from Meiji Shrine, Japan. Personally, the bonsai is very impressive, beyond their aesthetics is how old they are (ranging from 100-500 years old).

Collection of Japan

My obsession with Japan and Japanese aesthetic is endless. This zine is the collection of found objects and sketches of my previous trip to Japan. The country is unreal.


An exploration of marine creatures on various Kikkoman soy sauce packaging. The theme for this poster is like the ones that can be found in the aquarium.


Experimental super short animation of Spiderman with mask, morph to the real face.

Poisoned Ocean

A poster about how mankind polluted the ocean to it's core, with our manmade substances polluted the place till the creatures in the ocean needs to wear breathing gear, enable them to survive.


An illustration of facts/images related to UFO ,ranging from Area 51, Project Blue Book to aliens.