/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: Praefueng
COUNTRY: Thailand
Before that one glimpse of the oddity disappeared in the awakening, Praefueng documents weird dreams and daymares she had encountered.

The Missing Face 001

In a dream, I met many memorable strangers. I could sense their existence, talk to them, connect with them, but I was never able to recognize any of these strangers’ appearance. I would stare at their faces, seeing nothing but emptiness.

Wet Bed Queen

When I was very young, I dreamed a lot, just like nowadays. But there was one particular recurring scene that came back to me every now and then back in the day: A queen, in her elegance beyond anything, sitting so gracefully on her throne. And everytime I saw her in my dream, I wet my bed.

Sushi 002

In a dream, there was a sushi place that serves only plant-based sushi.

Motorbike Ride

White Tears

In a dream, I wasn’t crying, but my tears were everywhere, and they were all white and sticky like latex glue.

People in My Bedroom!

In a dream, I opened my bedroom door and strangely... people were in my bedroom!


I asked him "why do you play video games?"
"It simulates things that I can't do in real life".

Chicky and The Beast

A recurring dream of a friend: "I witnessed a beastly creature... a King-Kong-like creature, with a little yellow chick on its palm. And then, clenched".

Sushi 001

In a dream, there was a sushi place that serves only plant-based sushi.