/ ARTIST / 2023

BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: taanntawan
COUNTRY: Thailand
taanntawan illustrator based in Bangkok
Artworks that have unveiled my story through my unique design esthetics with my personal enthusiasm for sexuality and equality, these artworks will take you to my universe.

Love Peach 

Pray for affection,
The god of dragon heard the young gardener's praying. It turned out, he transformed into a stunning young guy that made them fall in love with one another and become acquainted. Finally, the praying was realized at that moment

Joy in pain

Count Dracula, the immortal vampire Lives in a large castle, has a taste for masochism, and has werewolves as his slaves. It is the mutual consent of all parties.

The sacred tree

The sacred tree that bestows favors on love; though, you might need to make a sacrifice in exchange.

Can Santa Claus be gay?

Sexuality is seen in an alternative perspective. In the modern world, a person's sexual orientation are typically revealed, as well as Santa Clause.

Red Girl

A strong-looking girl clothed in dark crimson, surrounded by those who will bring her happiness. However, she's uninterested. Of course, I wish I could be like her.


An instrument that simultaneously generates pleasure and pain.


An enchanting man with a fin which often referred to a mermaid, but when he is on land, the fin transforms into wings. He loves using his attractive voice to hypnotic others into obeying him.

Cowboy with horse

A young cowboy with his beloved horse.

Girl and 4 dogs

A lady who is completely obsessed with commanding

Botanical garden and mysterious creatures

Botanical garden and mysterious creatures