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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: ploypuyik
COUNTRY: Thailand
My name is Ploy Sookthavorn. I’m currently a full-time graphic designer and an occasional illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand.

For me, creating art serves as a record of my thoughts and feelings at a period of time. I'm fascinated by both physical and emotional sensations; these elements enhance the charm of life. Every life experience leaves behind traces of emotions and sensations. I enjoy capturing these aspects and expressing them through my personal artwork.

My inspiration is drawn from the people I've met, relationships, life events, or even the things I imagine. Even though it's a deeply personal experience, I still want to convey it indirectly through my artwork.


I feel the breast in terms of tenderness and softness. At the same time, it's sensual and passionate. I'd like to express these feelings with warmth, spreading without boundaries, like being in a state of euphoria.


I once received a lot of clothes from an ex. Of course, those clothes held many memories. As time passed, I decided to pack them away. I looked at them, piled up in indistinct shapes on the floor. Just as the memories, they were no longer as clear as before. I realized I couldn't wear them anymore.

Touch of Healing

Hugging or touching is a powerful body language for comforting yourself and those around you. Perhaps even without words of consolation, nonverbal touch can heal each other.


When I drew this, it was a time when I felt so much peace and love for myself. One night, I felt both cold and warm simultaneously in the silence. It was as if a soft paw was gently touching me. Even in complete darkness, there was no more fear.

Cheap Hotel

I created this illustration during a workshop with the theme 'Cheap Hotel.' It brought back memories of a time when I stayed at a budget hotel in Zurich. It was located amidst an area bustling with nightclubs and surrounded by temptation. At that time, all I could do was imagine what might have been happening in each room on that night.


That little square cube of sweetness, yes~ it might be sugar. These little squares were formed into a shape I can't quite describe directly. They tasted strangely sweet, reminded me of sugar's sweetness. I'd like to express this quirky sensation in a fun and playful way.

Kill me, babe

This illustration was used as the cover image for Fungjai's themed playlist, which includes sad love songs for people who are hurt because of their relationships. Even so, they won't leave but instead choose to stay and allow their relationship to easily hurt them.


Nurturing someone is like watching a bird grow up; one day, it will fly in the direction of its own life. In this world, there are many unpredictable and dangerous matters, so parental protection is necessary for a certain period of time. However, if there is too much protection, that bird may not eventually enjoy the true freedom it deserves.

Stages of Romance

For me now, I don't even know what romance is. I may never even feel it, but when it starts, it's both happiness and warmth, sometimes causing doubt and confusion within myself. These things happen in a loop that repeats over and over, as if this is part of life's learning.

The Remaining Traces

My body may never be the same again. The experiences that enter my life leave indelible marks, just like tattoos on hidden parts of my body. Even though time has passed, these traces still remain, and I'm probably the only one who still feels them.


More Artwork/Merchandise:


This illustration was used as the single cover image for the song 'พัก' (Original by Desktop Error) - T-Bone | Fungjai Crossplay 2.

The first time I listened to this song, it truly made me long for a break. Whether they're people or, perhaps, even plants, everyone needs a break. Even a lion takes a break and eventually passes away. It's as if we are just small specks in the world. Even if everything comes to a halt, the world keeps on moving because everything is born and dies, constantly changing.

listen here :


When you see these elements in this room, who comes to mind? You know, right?

Maho Rasop Festival

It was an honor for me to have the opportunity to create the key visual for the Maho Rasop Festival poster (2018). All sorts of fun, entertainment, and excitement came together at this music festival.

Transformation of the Chair

In this context, I intend for the chair to represent the possession of power. This continuous series of images depicts the transformation of power. In the end, there is nothing that lasts forever.

All Our Past Times

This illustration was used as the cover image for Fungjai's themed playlist, which talks about relationships that have to end. When one person is okay with ending it, the other person, even though he didn't want to, couldn't resist at all. The past has no meaning anymore.

Fungjai Fungchan

These illustrations were created for three posters promoting the concert 'Sangsom presents ฟังใจฟังจันทร์,' organized by Fungjai and Sangsom. The event's concept revolves around a prophecy from the moon about the past, future, and present. I've chosen to depict the journey of these three concerts through tarot cards. The event is divided into three episodes, each with a distinct theme.

Beginning with the first episode, a past that is both beautiful and painful, reminiscent of the Dark Moon, where every adversity from the past holds a valuable life lesson.

Moving on to the second episode, the moon predicts future stories. The artists will perform electronic music, evoking a sense of modernity and excitement that propels us into the future.

In the final episode, the moon brings us to the present and tells us to do our best with what is right in front of us. This episode is all about igniting joy and spreading happiness among people.

We think…so we are, or we are…because other people are?

This is the Editorial illustration for aday online article. This article talks about why our identity changes according to our surroundings? World and our identity mirror each other in ways that are difficult to separate.

Black Hills

This image is part of a series of illustrations I created for the 'Black Hills' slow bar coffee. The theme of this slow bar is coffee with a relaxing forest hills ambiance, and this image captures the warmth and solitude of the store.

more images :

Aura of Waiting

The serene act of waiting is like embracing something from within. I believe that even though it may seem motionless at times, there is steady growth within it.


I dreamed that I was riding on someone's back, and we were traveling across water together. It was a wonderful dream that I wanted to keep in my mind.