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BKKIF Artist  
COUNTRY: Thailand
Kawakhwan, or Khwan for short, is a Commde Illustrator, motion graphic designer, and animator who recently graduated. Always looking for inspiration in everyday life, legends, stories as well as fantasy ways that reflect the concept.

The art style was inspired by Western sharp-edge graphics and illustrations from the 1940s to the 1960s with a noir, mysterious vibe storytelling, but they were brought to life through animation which she loves doing it.

Coda Racontuer

Humans dwell in a world of secret, unlabeled, and prohibited knowledge, yet people have found so much of it and misused it as time passes. Coda Racontuer is a collection of character designs and images of guardians who use secret knowledge as a power to safeguard humanity from evil and false information. The project is also about belief, new age magical beliefs, fake news, the judgment of media, and reflecting modern life in more vivid and heroic ways. #Cd_Rct

Percival’s Drinks

An original character, Percival Wilder, a bartender is an adaptation from the Tales of King Arthur, in which a knight named Percival is the great one who possesses the holy grail, or, in this case, the best drink of all time.

Atonien Hunter School #ATN_Hunter 10 Year anniversary

Commission Illustration work of #ATN_Hunter, a universe where humans live among half-human-half-animal hybrids who work in the shadows as the "assassin". Atonien Hunter School welcomes all the hybrids to learn and develop to live and survive in society.

Once a Merry Hunting Festival

One of the stories and events in the Coda Raconteur universe is where the secret keeper hunts down the wanted outcast during the winter as a competition.

Libra Tarot card

One of the cards from ‘Tarot of the Month’, I selected my birth month to design all signs and hidden symbols of Libra along with the meaning of the tarot card.


‘“The kingdom and the Tower of London will fall if the six resident ravens ever leave the fortress…” they said. I must protect the country that grow me. But as I walked away, I noticed the burned, destruction result of humanity. I glide through the smoke and fire, seeing and hearing the mayhem. Watching the kingdom keep on falling apart. But I wish to do nothing.’

Bolivia animation loop

An animation for original character movement

Powder White and Red Lotus

'Once upon a time, sister and brother lived in a jungle, strolling through the woods and discovering a small tiger captured by seven nasty hunters, businesspeople, and dangers. The sibling must release the tiger, and to accomplish it, they must eliminate all those who attempt to profit off the little tiger.' An adaptation of the fairy tale 'Snow White and the Red Rose' in an Indian setting that is both noir and comedic with an original character.

Agent Cs

A short original animation of Agent C(arl) who works for a secret agency discovering a mysterious weapon that has fallen from the sky.


'Once a trigger is activated, there is no turning back. As I've done so much destruction and fallen so many times, along with a feeling of guilt, there is no turning back now. I have to keep going to be able to survive. So, if a trigger activates, moving forward is an option.'


More Artwork/Merchandise:

Hello again! Really nice to see you scrolling down here. Still, you can call me Khwan. Enjoy the piece!

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Wish the Worst : The Twisted Tarot Boardgame

An Original party-strategies board game design based on tarot and fortune-telling culture in Thailand along with the original story, unique 20+ illustration, and character design.

"Are you ready to face the real fight of destiny? If you are, let's see if you can master using this Forbidden deck of cards!"

30 pieces are Limited for the event.


One of the illustrations in the ‘Tarot of the Month’ Series is the capture of the essence of Leo: a courageous lion embraced by a serene maiden. It beautifully blends Leo's duality—fearless strength and compassionate grace. It symbolizes orangeness bravery of fire and tenderness of holding gesture, reflecting Leo's character and their harmonious balance of power and gentleness.

Size: 30*40 cm
Technique: Print on Canvas


One of the illustrations in the ‘Tarot of the Month’ Series. A woman in a wide-open field, syncing with her life's direction, thinking, and soul-searching, just like the Hermit. Out in that field, she's open to unexpected connections, knowing that sometimes, the best things come by surprise, ready to light the way to the answer and new direction of life.

Size: 30*40 cm
Technique: Print on Canvas


One of the illustrations in the ‘Tarot of the Month’ Series. This artwork embodies Scorpio's essence through a warrior's journey, symbolizing transformation amid battles and wounds. Like a warrior, Scorpio faces challenges, emerging stronger—akin to a scorpion shedding its old skin. These experiences signify a transformative journey, turning pain into resilience, embracing change, and seeking space for growth.

Size: 30*40 cm
Technique: Print on Canvas

Qyoudai : Never Ending War : Art Postcard

I've participated in Epic Game jam 2023 as UI, illustrator, and motion graphic designer for this piece.

"What if the Quokka World War never ends? In the year 2140, two sibling orphan quokkas need to survive the robot that hunts them down for the time travel power of the little boy."

Twist Me Luck : Boardgame showcase

While fortune-telling is a helpful mental anchor for a group of people, some people rely on it too much. Indications of over-reliance on fortune-telling or an excuse to ignore their problems and wish for that problem to be fixed without actually doing anything. ‍

Twist Me Luck is a light strategy board game in which the player takes the role of a fairy godparent to look after "yourself" in an alternate reality, influence destiny by planning and connecting the cards in their hand, and protect themselves by twisting bad luck events into good luck with their hands. Every action opens up new possibilities, challenging the player to rethink, adapt, and do their best to gain luck and to be the "yourself" rescuer.

Silence in (Bangkok) City : 1 Day Animation

Project about records of Bangkok Silence which is a rare experience to feel.

Starting from waking up to downtown life, walking, living, and traveling around the Samyan area with only a recorder. Trying to find the silence that exists in the busy space.

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