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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: oattor
COUNTRY: Thailand
Hello I'm oattor.
I just want to tell a story through my paintings. My drawings are based on my life experiences. Every day of my life has meaning. Hope you like it. Thank you very much for viewing my art.

kent's backyard

Let's gather together.
Let's meet.
Let's talk a bit.
It is considered to be a rest.
In my backyard

Foxxy knigth

The Knigth with no fighting spirit left.
He is part of the land.
And there was only flower that he would
hold in his hand forever.

Be hungry without any mercy

Hunger is a normal part of the animal world.
Everyone is both a hunter and a hunted.
And no one will ever reach the top.
When there is still the desire of hunger

Experimental animals

Dr. Mel's experimental animals
The experiments of different species all had their own thoughts and ideas. They have ideas that are contrary to human thought. Or is it the dark side of man and ready to take part in human life and engulf your humanity?

Radical blue

Nothing but blue skies

Little tomato

Tomato Skin Baby Elephant
ready to learn
The fun of this world


Fuchsia goat and little friend
Getting to know each other for the first time
And they seem to get along well.


Jeff was a shy 18 year old boy.
who fell in love with a young woman, Jeff intended to give
This bouquet is for confession of love.
His heart beat like never before.
He could only pretend to be silent.

If I had a flower for every time
I thought of you, I could walk
Through my garden forever

It is not

It is not
The length of life,
But the depth of life.

It's probably like your heart, which is too deep
for me to reach. Even if I have many opportunities


A middle-aged young man who is passionate about art.
He will definitely be restless if one day he doesn't
And he could only smile and accept that reality.


More Artwork/Merchandise:

I express the drawings I experience every day through thinking, imagining, and letting my hands draw continuously and naturally.

Samifa Family

Sometimes I think of being born with siblings. It's really nice.


Even that summer How hot will the weather be? Our gang also has a cool mind.
(Japanese shaved ice)

Ruth and Yew

The two of us are different.
The chosen one was disappointed.
And he could only smile and accept that reality.

Apollo pool

Apollo's backyard swimming pool

Keep it simple

Stay by the side of dear friends. It's the simplest happiness.

whal and dolph

Adjust your altitude


The unidentified half of the molecular mass And the other half has a secret to continue to find out


Half of the mechanical system of a pink goat with determination, determination, and leadership.


By you
half starving until it burns in me


It's cool to be kind
Butty, a bear who has a loving heart for friends, is kind, smiles all the time and has half a muscle inside that only smiles and smiles for everything that has passed.

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