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BKKIF Artist  
ARTIST: 203 Infographics Lab
COUNTRY: Korea, Republic of
Current 203 X Design Studio CEO | He worked as an editorial designer in <Reader's Digest>, 'Yonhap News' Graphic News Team, <Weekly Dong-a>, <Science Dong-a> and established the 203 X Design Studio in 2003 in front of Hongik University. Since then, he has been publishing a neighborhood magazine <Street H>, which records the events around Hongik University in 2009

Infographic poster series published by the 203 Infographics Lab with the local magazine <Street H>. Compelling information in an intuitive infographic, organized on a single poster. An infographic poster is an engaging way to communicate across language and cultural barriers, and it can showcase an entire book's worth of information in a single page. That's why we call this poster a "one-page book"

Giant Panda

The cutie panda Fubao, whose popularity is rapidly rising, and her twin sisters who were born on July 7th. The story of father Le Bao and mother Ai Bao coming to Korea. And it tells the story of why Fu Bao has to go back to China. Let’s take a look at China’s national treasure and diplomat, the habitat and characteristics of the giant panda, and China’s panda diplomacy through infographics.


Tteokbokki, a luxury food enjoyed by the royal court during the Joseon Dynasty, has become Korea’s representative street food over a long period of time and now a Korean food that is in the limelight worldwide. The infographic captures the charm of instant tteokbokki, which you choose and cook with the ingredients you want.


Korean BBQ samgyeopsal grilled on an open fire. It is characterized by being able to enjoy it in various ways by changing side dishes, sauces, and additional foods. Let’s find out interesting facts about grilled pork belly from the table setting to the unique ssam culture and various information through infographics.


The largest and most mysterious animal on Earth is the whale. They range from as small as 1.5 m to as large as 31 m, but whales are largely divided into Mysticeti and Odontoceti. Find interesting facts about whales in this infographic, from distribution area, dive depth, and size comparison.

The Moon

The moon is the closest celestial body to Earth and the only space human beings have set foot on. From unmanned spacecraft to manned lunar missions, many efforts have made history, and are still ongoing. From basic information on the moon to the history of lunar exploration, let’s find out at a glance with infographics.

The Solar System

Half a century has passed since mankind landed on the moon. However, there are still many secrets in the solar system. Even the components of the solar system, the planets, and the probes of the solar system have long been a history of humanity’s efforts to leap into space. And the effort is still ongoing. This infographic poster is designed to be viewed at a glance, from the basic information of the solar system to the probes.


Seoul, the world’s third largest city in population and the fourth largest in economy, is a world-renowned metropolis. It maintains its position as the capital of the Republic of Korea as well as its long history. It not only develops well throughout the industry but also boasts the world’s best infrastructure. This infographic shows various faces of Seoul in detail.

Understanding Cat Care

According to the recent statistics, the population of pet cat is more than 1 million. On the other hand, there are more than 20,000 stray cats per year. For a peaceful and beautiful coexistence of cats and humans, we have included on the infographic how to properly care for house cats as well as stray cats.

Korean Soju

Soju is the most popular drink in Korea. There is a saying that one drink is consumed too much and drinks in Korea can not develop. The history of soju, manufacturing methods, kinds of soju, and other kinds of soju are all in this infographic at a glance.


The cake appears in the place of all the celebrations without failing. The cake has evolved remarkably since it entered Korea, and now there are various kinds that can not be counted according to the material and manufacturing method. Thanks to the boom of dessert culture, the world of cake is still evolving. All about the cake are included in infographic.